Christmas Music for the Soul

Christmas Music in Lisbon
Par Francisco CANDEIAS Il y a 6 ans
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In December, Lisbon City Hall offers its inhabitants and thousands of visitors a programme full of music. All due to “Christmas in Lisbon”.





The Juvenile Choir of Universidade de Lisboa will sing in S. Domingos Church.


Choir and Orchestra in S. Domingos Church

Between Rossio and Praça da Figueira, in the particular S. Domingos Church, the Juvenile Choir of Universidade de Lisboa and The Academic Orchestra of Universidade de Lisboa will interpret Christmas music from the 20th century.


Works by British, North-American, and Portuguese (Fernando Lopes-Graça) composers will bring Christmas spirit to the 13th-century church which still shows the marks of the torments it endured – the 1640 conspiracies, the 1755 earthquake, and the 1959 fire...

7th December at 9h30 pm. Free admission. 



Told Opera at Museu de Santo António

At Museu de Lisboa – Santo António – close to the Saint’s church, Orpheus and Eurydice’s story will be told through opera. A good idea, especially for youngsters, in a format that dates back to the 18th century, when it was thought that opera should be simpler and less baroque. 

8th December at 4 pm. 9th December at 12 pm. Book in advance (limited to 50 seats).



Commented concert at Museu de Lisboa

In Palácio Pimenta, Museu de Lisboa, “Opus 28 – A Christmas Table” wishes to take families to far-away places, to tables, banquets and decorations from long ago in a commented concert that exults many of the season’s celebrations. Music, stories, and unique experiences...

9th December at 4 pm. Free admission. 



Baroque Sounds in Saint Peter’s Church in Alcântara. 

A series of baroque masterpieces will be interpreted by Camerata Atlântica, a project that usually focusses on Latin American sounds. To celebrate the Christmas period, they will interpret several iconic works by Handel, Albinoni, Bach, and Torelli. An extremely rich program in an equally rich church. 

9th December at 4 pm. Free admission.



Camerata Atlântica will play in Saint Peter of Alcântara's Church.


Voice Recital in Nossa Senhora do Amparo’s Church

Filomúsica Ensemble brings a diverse programme to Nossa Senhora do Amparo’s Church (19th century). Portuguese Works, English carols and traditional Christmas themes will travel the world in the beautiful voices of this group’s elements accompanied by the piano. 

13th December at 9:30 pm. Free admission.



Christmas Adagio in São Roque’s Church

Orbis Orchestra will bring music to São Roque’s Church.   Focussing on baroque music, this concert will travel through the 17th, 19th and 19th centuries. Vivaldi, Bach, Mendelssohn or Albinoni will be heard in one of the most visited churches in Lisbon, the greatest example of Lisbon’s religious art.

14th December at 9:30 pm. Free admission.



Orbis Orchestra will play in São Roque's Church.


Harmony songs at Lisbon Ismaeli Center

The music at the Ismaili Centre will evoke the Al-Andalus, where Muslims, Jews, and Christians coexisted during the Middle Ages. Following traces left by these cultures, some of their songs have survived to the present day through oral tradition and will be performed using new arrangements and with a new concept. With Begoña Olavide and Javier Bergia. 

15th December at 4 pm and at 9:30 pm. Free admission.



Festive music in Alto do Lumiar Church

Alto do Lumiar Church, dedicated to Our Lady of the Mount Carmel was the chosen place for many adequate themes to the season to be played by the Orquestra Jovem de Cordas do Conservatório Nacional and by Compasso. Works by the great names of the Baroque but also by other composers fit perfectly this “Christmas in Lisbon”.

16th December at 4 pm. Free admission.



Classical Orchestra at São Luiz' Theatre

Mozart, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky are the 3 chosen composers to be interpreted by The Metropolitan Classical Orchestra at São Luiz’s theatre. Classic, easily recognisable themes will bring all of music’s power to Chiado in a time when dream commands life.

19th December at 9 pm. Free admission.



The Metropolitan Classical Orchestra will play at São Luiz’ theatre.


The choir at the Lisbon Airport

An original and warm way of welcoming those who arrive and to say goodbye to those who leave. The Nações Choir will perform at the arrivals lounge of Humberto Delgado Airport in Lisbon. A wide repertoire, from Mozart to Jamaica or Argentina, is bound to impress everybody. A nice surprise 4 days before Christmas Eve.

20th December at 9 pm. Free admission.



Gospel in Navegantes’ Church

The 30 voices from the Gospel Collective will close this programme on a very positive note. Gospel will mesh with urban rhythms and with afro-gospel sounds in Navegantes’ Church. A 21st-century church in front of Vasco da Gama bridge. 

22nd December at 9:30 pm. Free admission. 


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