Lisboeta, The Portuguese City of Light Recipe Book

Lisbon Recipe Book
Par Francisco CANDEIAS Il y a 6 ans
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Nuno Mendes, the most international Portuguese chef wrote a book that is a Lisbon cuisine encyclopedia 


More than 300 pages under the simplest, most objective title possible: Lisboeta (Lisbonite). Nuno Mendes, a Lisbonite living in London, says that this is “The Portuguese City of Light's Recipe Book”. The author lived in the USA and now lives in England. As he says, “it was necessary to leave the country and to travel the world to realize that Portuguese cuisine is one of the best in the world.”



Lisboeta by Nuno Mendes had its first edition in English before being launched in Portuguese.


Chef Nuno Mendes’ book is the most comprehensive Lisbon recipe book and it is divided into 7 chapters, tracing a very complete route of Lisbon cuisine – it’s divided in pastéis, savory, lunch, petiscos, dinner, dessert, and sandwiches. Photographed by English photographer Andrew Montgomery, Lisboeta is also a lifestyle book, a travel guide, and a story collection. These stories contribute to the gastronomic matrix of the capital and Nuno Mendes has divided them into 6 inspiring themes: the discoveries, café culture, tascas, fish, beach life and Santo António



Lisboeta is the most comprehensive Lisbon cookbook.


Far from being a traditional recipe book, by means of this new Pantagruel of the recipe books, Nuno Mendes embraces the capital with the strength and emotion of someone who was born in Lisbon but now lives far away. His objective is to make Portuguese cuisine, “the most overlooked in Europe”, known. Lisboeta by Nuno Mendes is a Casa das Letras publication, now in Portuguese after a first English version.



Nuno Mendes was born in Lisbon 45 years ago.


Nuno Mendes has been recently appointed the new Food & Beverage Creative Director of Bairro Alto Hotel, which will reopen in April 2019. He’s also the chef at Chiltern Firehouse, Taberna do Mercado and Mãos restaurants in London


Written by Carlos P.