Running or Walking Across Lisbon Towards New Year’s

Running or walking in Lisbon
Par Carlos P Il y a 6 ans
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There’s a vast menu of races and walks in Lisbon until the 29th December. Chose the one for you



The motto is to move forward. Walking or running, it is good for both the body and the mind. Lisbon is in every marathonist’s calendar but also in that of those who just enjoy a good walk with good views and in good company.


On the 21st October, the Montepio Race at 10 am, with two very strong reasons to participate: the revenue from the fee will be given to ACAPO – the Portuguese Association for the Blind and a new tree will be planted in Monsanto every two enrolments. There’s a 5 km walk and a 10 km race. Starting from Rossio.



Airport Race, 10 km watching planes… Photo Paulo A. Lopes


On the 28th October, the airport race at 10:15 am. There are 10 km starting from the Loading Terminal at the airport and a route that goes through Quinta das Conchas to finish at the same place where it started. Children have their own race an hour before the adults’.



Sempre Mulher Race or Walk, going round Parque das Nações


Also on the 28th October, at 10:30 am, the Sempre Mulher Race, for women, starting from the Portugal pavilion. You can also be a part of the pet team, which means you can take your dog or cat with you. Going round Parque das Nações.


On the 31st October, for Halloween, Halloween Run Party at 9 pm. 6 km to run at night starting from the Cidade Universitária Stadium. You can also opt for a 3km walk.


As if to celebrate Saint Martin, on the 11th November, Saint Martin’s race at 10 am, starting from the Ajuda Palace. Right after it there’s a 4km walk. With chestnuts and água-pé (Portuguese alcoholic drink).



Corre Jamor, Photo Carlos Maia


Corre Jamor is on the 18th November at 10 am. 10 km running in Jamor National Sports Centre. Coming back, you can also walk for 3 km.


On the 2nd December, Descobrimentos Half Marathon, with the weight of Portuguese history. It goes from Padrão dos Descobrimentos right through Torre de Belém and it ends at the Navy Museum. 21 km in a half marathon at 10 am or 10 km on the road at 9:35 am.


On the 9th December it is time for the Great Christmas Prize, at 10:30 am. Sponsored by EDP, it is a 10 km long race through the roads and with the participation of many national athletes. The starting point is at Avenida Marechal Teixeira Rebelo, in Benfica.



Saint Sylvester Race, along Avenida da Liberdade on the 29th December.


Finally, the race of races, Saint Sylvester of Lisbon, on the 29th December at 5:30 pm. 10 km to celebrate the new year starting from Restauradores Square and with the promise of many and vibrating Christmas decorations in all their splendor along the way.