Bela Silva in a New Book that Is a Trip from Lisbon to Brussels

Bela Silva's new book
Par Carlos P Il y a 6 ans

Potter, painter, and sculptor, Bela Silva is the Lisbon artist who lives inside and out of Portugal.


The artist who is all the rage in Paris at the moment and who has two houses – in Lisbon and in Brussels – has just finished her book to confirm not only her talent but also her consistency and multiplicity.



Bela Silva’s new book has just been launched  in Paris, Brussels, and Lisbon.


Born in Lisbon, Bela Silva lived everywhere in the world, but her base is between Lisbon and Brussels. She’s been critically acclaimed in Paris and much appreciated by collectors. It was there she launched bela silva, by the occasion of her last exhibition in Galerie du Passage.



Now, the book that’s a collection of the artist’s work and an account of her life and experience has been launched in Lisbon, in Galeria Alecrim 50, where some of her most recent works are already on exhibition. The artist as already shown her art very successfully in Lisbon, at Palácio Nacional da Ajuda, Fundação Oriente, and Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga.



Author and creator “of another dance, of another way of working”, Bela Silva refers to Picasso as her biggest influence, who fascinates her for “the transformation, curiosity, and diversity of means” used throughout his career. Drawer, painter, potter and sculptor, Pablo Picasso was everything that Bela Silva also is. Always exploring each of her artistic expressions with a fiery passion.



Bela Silva’s work is a windy forest inhabited by vain yet authoritative beings or it is an ocean, stirred and rolled over itself. Bela Silva’s works confirm the plural artist that she herself admits to being.


Inspired greatly and almost exclusively by nature, Bela Silva seduces us with the relieves and textures of her works. They confirm how energetically this nature, her very inspiration and starting point, is torn in the artist’s work.



bela silva, the book, might be bought in Galeria Alecrim 50 in Lisbon, in Galerie du Passage in Paris or in Librairie Candide in Brussels.