Lisbon Is The Best City in Emerging Culture

Best Emerging Culture City Award
Par Francisco CANDEIAS Il y a 6 ans

Lisbon is awarded for its culture


Lisbon has just been awarded the “Best Emerging Culture City Award” by the Leading Culture Destination Awards, an organization that focuses on promoting the best cultural destinations around the world.


Lisbon has already received numerous awards but this is the first time it receives a prize strictly related to culture, as a tourist destination. The attribution of the prize was decided by a jury composed of 10 cultural creators in the areas of fashion, music, tourism, accommodation, architecture, design, and art, whose work is followed by thousands of fans.


Lisbon Wins Emerging Culture City of the Year


“Lisbon owes this award to its diverse offer in terms of the multiple cultural experiences that its many visitors can enjoy throughout the year, be it on a historical level or an artistic one – exhibitions, shows, works of art, parties and festivals. Many of the events are already cemented in the city’s calendar and that is reflected in the notoriety of the destination”, states Vitor Costa, director of Lisbon Tourism Organization.


On the nominees' list for this year’s edition featured Medellin, a Colombian city, and Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates.



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The ceremony took place in London this past Friday the 28th at the South Kensington Club. Some of the most famous museum directors were present, as well as some creative and luxury executives


Source: LPM Comunicação