Comporta Bliss, the First Book About Comporta Is Out

The new book about Comporta is out
Par Carlos P Il y a 6 ans

The first book about Comporta has come to Portugal. 300 pages of splendor!

Carlos Souza and Charlene Shorto are the authors of the new book by publishing house Assouline, the first to ever be published about Comporta. The book has now come onto the Portuguese market and it testifies how nature and lifestyle are the materializations of a dream that feeds every corner of the world – Comporta is the place on everyone’s lips and dozens of articles and international press references, be it in Australia, South Africa, the United States, Brazil or anywhere in Europe, serve to confirm it.



Being Comporta devoted beach-goers for some decades, the authors have had access to the prettiest houses in the region and thus collected photos and testimonies from celebrities that have contributed greatly to this paradise destinations’ fame. Decorator Jaques Grange, designer Philippe Starck, antique dealers, bankers, jewelers, businesspeople, fashionistas, PRs, and many Portuguese and foreign Comporta seasonal residents open the doors to their refuges (some of them kept secret until now) and say why it is worth going to Comporta.

Comporta Bliss also depicts those who have always lived there and shows how different nature is to what we’d expect in a beach area – the sandy beach and the countryside become an indistinguishable mesh at times, the flowers and plants elegantly pose in the sand, the pines rule the land of the estate, the magnificent fields of rice that rise from the waters and the long immaculate beach that continuously directs us into infinity.


Dedicated to the recently deceased Pedro Espírito Santo and Vera Iacchia, Comporta Bliss pays homage to these cousins who were pioneers of the revival of the aesthetical matrix of the region in the late decades of the 20th century. Together, they led to what is now a trendy “Comporta style”.

At last available in Portugal, this book is the best publicity to have been made about Comporta so far and it can be found in downtown Comporta at CORAL Comporta and in Carvalhal at STORK Club.