Sociedade da Parede, Real Food and Sharing

Sociedade da Parede
Par JoÁ£o GALVÁƑO Il y a 6 ans
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This is the concept behind O Sociedade restaurant. Elected as the "restaurant number 1 at Parede", just presented the summer menu.


Real flavours, "real food" and sharing are the key concepts of the O Sociedade da Parede restaurant. Taking advantage of the best ingredients of each season, the cuisine of Sociedade combines flavour, presentation and creativity. Mastering the kitchen is Chef Carlos Malato, who has recovered some traditional recipes but always with a twist, that pleases the most exquisite palate.

From the list, spot on the Cod of the Armada, Cream of Tomato with Basil and Egg Yolk, Cod Skewers, Tartar a la Sociedade (national steak sirloin, finely diced, with hot  garlic potato chips), Duck with Reduction of Beer, among others.

And at 3:30 p.m. it's snack time! If the Tiger Shrimp on Garlic Sauce looks good on any list of appetizers, the Quail Nest (Mirandela Sausage (a traditional poultry sausage), purple onion compote, caramelized apple and boiled quail egg) is truly amazing. There are appetizers ranging from the traditional Small Chicken Gizzards to an unexpected Crumbed Mussels. All served at a mostly pleasant terrace.

There is a constant concern about keeping the ingredients of all the dishes at Sociedade at most genuine level and at best quality. The salt is traditional and not refined and there is also salt flower, more gourmet, from the Portuguese salt traditional basins; the olive oil is exclusively from Esporão, a top label, and the freshest vegetables, which are bought daily in the local market, are chosen with the full guarantee.


The Octopus of Cascais is, as the name indicates, an octopus captured in the waters from the County of Cascais. Cod is genuine from Norway, of superior quality, available in limited quantity, selected and prepared in a handmade way and cured for 9 months, with salt only.

The wine comes from small producers - not available at supermarkets - made by passionate lovers for passionate drinkers! "We believe that wine is better by nature, if made by people interested in wine and its natural environment."

The space music is chosen with great passion from the great collection of discs of one of the partners, Pedro Costa, and is part of the space DNA. Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Fela Kuti, Duke Ellington, Bach, Tito Puente, Tom Waits and Led Zeppelin. 


Opened in 2014, the Sociedade da Parede gets a new light in 2016, when the current management team takes over the space. It is considered by Trip Advisor as the number 1 restaurant in Parede and is considered one of the most prestigious of the Cascais County. The location is privileged, two steps away from the train station of Parede, and is inserted in the beautiful SMUP (of whom we have already spoken), at Marquês de Pombal 319, Parede. Sociedade da Parede is open from Monday to Saturday, from 12:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.



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