Palácio Nacional da Pena by Night

Night at the Palace
Par JoÁ£o GALVÁƑO Il y a 6 ans

Ever thought, ending a visit to a monument, "what a pity not to be able to stay for the night?" At Palácio Nacional da Pena now you can!


The nights of August arrive with a new feature: the extension of the opening hours of the National Palace of Pena (Palácio Nacional da Pena), which opens every Thursday from 20h00 to 00h00, from August 2 to September 13. To enjoy the comfort of these "Summer Nights in the Palace", visitors who opt for this night incursion will have free access to the public transport from Sintra Railway Station to the monument, as well as to the transfer of the main entrance of the Parque da Pena to the Palace.


Those who wish may also opt for the guided tour, which takes place at 9.30 pm, for an additional fee.


The Sintra Parks enterprise therefore seeks to offer differentiating experiences at the peak of the high season, allowing the most visited Sintra pole, this Palace, to be enjoyed in an alternative way and outside the most sought after hours.

The National Palace of Pena is one of the most charismatic Sintra monuments, coming from the fertile and romantic imagination of King Ferdinand II. It remembers the chateaux, also of the Romantic period, of Ludwig of Bavaria, and abot it, this Castle, said Don Fernando, "my dear Pena is the crown of the region of Sintra."

The Castle, like the great majority of the European romantic monuments, is a purposeful and assumed pastiche of a mixture of previous styles, like Manuelino or the Moorish style, that they make Pena’s design base.

If it is beautiful in daylight, imagine it at night, with the freshness and that fine smooth mist that only Sintra has.


In addition to the "Summer Nights in the Palace", the Sintra Parks also invites visitors to discover the 85 hectares of Parque da Pena, betting on the divulgation of its multiple places of reference, such as Cruz Alta, Temple of the Columns, or Valley of the Lakes, where you can enjoy remarkable views.


For this purpose, visitors will have at their disposal during the daytime a free daily shuttle service, which will allow them to do with all the comfort the route between the Ride of the Park of the Pena and the Chalet of the Countess d’ Edla.


In this high season, it will be also available the traditional carriage rides, which run between the Lakes and the Chalet of the Countess d'Edla, and horse and pony rides, from the Abegoaria da Pena, the interaction and walks with donkeys, which will be located in the Lakes area, from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and will delight the younger visitors.



"Summer Nights at the Palace"

Hours: from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (last ticket at 11:00 p.m.).

Price: € 14 (adult).

Guided tour at 9.30 pm for an additional charge of € 5 per person.

The shop and the cafeteria will be in operation.

Transportation from Sintra Railway Station (Bus 434 from Scotturb): last exit from the main entrance of Parque da Pena at 00h30.

Free transfer from the main entrance of Parque da Pena to the Palace.



Pictures courtesy from PSML – Luís Duarte