Lisbon Futures (Futuros de Lisboa) to See at Torreão Poente

Futuros de Lisboa
Par JoÁ£o GALVÁƑO Il y a 6 ans

Nobody knows about tomorrow, but it's reasonable to try, isn’t it? The exhibition "Futuros de Lisboa" brings some futurologist views on the city.

Torreão Poente (West Tower) is part of the beautiful Terreiro do Paço surrounding edified layout, build after 1755 terrible earthquake. It was build to accommodate Ministries and other official paraphernalia, after the catastrophe. 

Today, more the being the best Lisbon welcome hall, it houses, beyond some Ministries, still, some restaurants, shops and a part of Lisbon Museums, right here, at Torreão Poente, that shows, all year round, some of the best temporary exhibitions you can find in Lisbon, always, of course, with Lisbon as a preferential theme.  

The Torreão Poente, on the unique and incomparable Terreiro do Paço - the welcome Lisbon hall - where this exhibition can be seen. On the ouverture, picyure by Luisa Ferreira, post-production by Inês Lino and José Piteira


In a time of profound changes like today, the Lisbon Museum promotes an exhibition that raises questions and proposes possibilities in the combination of three elements: Lisbon, City and Future.

The exhibition "Futuros de Lisboa" occupies, from July 13 to November 18, 2018, two floors of the Torreão Poente, at Praça do Comércio, core of the Lisbon Museum – Museus de Lisboa.

On the left, a view from old Praça da Figueira Market, 1865-1949, from Lisbon Municipity Arquive. On the right, the contemporary Vasco da Gama Shopping


Joining the perspectives of exhibition curators - João Seixas, Manuel Graça Dias and Sofia Guedes Vaz - came the reflections of several invited essayists, and of all the citizens who contributed with their ideas.


In 10 exhibition rooms, elements that support the concepts of Lisbon, City and Future, values ​​underlying them, attitudes of change and perspectives for their construction are taken into account, based on the interpellations that such tendencies, values ​​and attitudes originated and will continue to originate for the transformation of cities and urban life; and, in this case, for the transformation of Lisbon.

"Alice's seven wonders city", illustration by Luís Louro


The exhibition does not propose concrete scenarios for the future, opening before a wide base of interpellation and interrogation to each visitor, in several dimensions: How one thinks and how one has thought the Future? How do you think and have you thought about the City? What can be seen as more fundamental in the construction of futures for the city of Lisbon? Through the images, videos, photographs, documents, technological objects and works of art, the exhibition takes us on a journey from the Future through Time, passing through the Future of the Past, the Difficulties in Foreseeing the Future, the Future Already It Is, until the Inevitable Future, ending in the room of the Pillars of Lisbon.

Rossio Square after the oceans level rise, by O2 Sem Gotas


Some of the works that came to the organization will also be presented as a result of an invitation to citizen participation launched by the Lisbon Museum, through the website of the exhibition and in schools in the city.

iCub Chico Robot, by Instituto Sistemas e Robótica do Instituto Superior Técnico


In multidisciplinary approaches, now optimistic and pessimistic, the themes of ecology and sustainability, innovation and creativity, cohesion and justice will always be present. The public will be able to find photographic and multimedia documentation of the collections of the Museum of Lisbon, but also of private collections, everyday objects of urban life in Lisbon and materials related to important scientific experiments carried out by Lisbon universities in areas as diverse as information systems, robotics, energy, ecology, community and citizenship.


Torreão Poente, Lisbon Museums downtown polo

Terreiro do Paço, Lisbon

Until November 18

From Tuesday to Sunday, between 10am and 6pm

€ 3 (discounts available here)


Images provided by the institution