Bar das Cardosas: If the Friars Knew They Would Return Running

Bar das Cardosas Cocktails
Par JoÁ£o GALVÁƑO Il y a 6 ans
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The Bar das Cardosas, at Intercontinental Porto, brings the best of the worlds, from signature cocktails to English afternoon tea.


Minding the long summer dolce vita days, the Bar das Cardosas renewed the menu with classic and signature cocktails. Among the options is "Bella Ciao", a drink inspired by the hit series "La Casa de Papel", composed by Amaretto (Italian liquor), Campari, Mandarin, Lime, Vodka and Tonic Water. In addition, the Bar will choose a "Cocktail of the Day" every day, which may be the result of an original recipe or a highlight of the new proposals at a (even more) friendly price.


The new Bella Ciao cocktail at Bar das Cardosas, inspired on a TV soap, "La Casa de Papel".


For those who cannot resist a new experience, Bar das Cardosas recommends Wine Flights, a true voyage on flavours, with three different wine glasses, that will remain in your memory. For the price of one glass it is possible to taste three, and every month there is a producer, caste or prominent region that mark the offer of white wine, red, sparkling Portuguese, Porto and aged Porto. Still for lovers of the "nectar of the gods", there is an extensive menu of 36 wine by glass and 24 Port wines. For those who prefer a good Whiskey, the menu includes 27 references.


The Wine Flight  experience, three different wines by the price of one.


With Italian inspiration, the Bar of Cardosas also brings to Invicta the Appetizer, which means, in Latin, "that serves to open the appetite." Every day, between 5:00 pm and 8:00 p.m., whenever you order a drink, there are three snacks available. Among the vast list of options, the Bar das Cardosas suggests the classic Italian Aperol, made from sage orange, gentian, rhubarb and quinquina, perfect to combine with something light to eat.


The Aperitivo, the Appetizer, served with three amuse-bouche, on the house.


From Wednesday to Sunday between 12:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Bar das Cardosas reinvents the English tradition and prepares an Afternoon Tea, the must-have combination of the best teas in the world, with scones, mini sandwiches and desserts. On warmer days, it is also possible to taste the Tea Infused Cocktails.


A proper Afternoon English Tea, is what Bar das Cardosas propose for the classic guest.


In addition to the usual options, such as toast, hot drinks, coffees, ice cream and homemade sorbets, Bar do Cardosas menu also includes signature dishes such as Chicken Tikka Masala with basmati rice and poppadoms or Tenderloin steak with green pepper sauce and potato chips. For appetizers, the suggestions go through Gambas al ajillo, Octopus Tempura with sweet chili sauce, Salads, Burgers, and hot dishes such as Gnochis with season, truffle oil, parmesan and parsley. For the most exquisite tastes, you can taste Antonius Caviar, a deluxe delicacy consisting of unfertilized sturgeon roe without any type of additive or dye, that takes between nine and fourteen years to be taken care of.


Three exemples from new Cocktail List at Bar das Cardosas.


The Bar das Cardosas also organizes, every Monday and Thursday, from 19:00, Fado nights, with free admission.


Detail on Bar das Cardosas space.


In the words of Carlos Teixeira, F & B Director of InterContinental Porto - Palácio das Cardosas, "this is a space dedicated to all the people of the city or who visit it. We are not open just for guests, anyone is welcome and invited to enjoy our wide offer. We look for inspiration in the big European capitals, like Milan, London and Paris, and we recreate these concepts right downtown Porto, in a space of refinement and with a privileged location.”


This is a reinvented menu, ideal for the hottest days of the year and with options for all tastes. During the summer months, Bar das Cardosas is open between 15:00 and 01:00.

Bar das Cardosas great work on boiserie, and soma English style inspiration.


The building is worth the visit per si, the cocktails are just another excuse so that after the eyes, our soul will open. It was first of al,l in the eighteenth century, a convent of Loios Friars until the extinction of the Religious Orders in 1834, without ever having been definitively finished. A businessman, Manuel Cardoso dos Santos, bought the building at auction but on condition that he finish it according to the initial layout. After the death of the merchant Cardoso the building was inherited by his wife and daughters, and from there the present name, the Palace of the Cardosas. In July 2011 was occupied by the Hotel Intercontinental, which is part of the Cardosas Bar.


So, do you still think the friars wouldn’t come back running? And behind them, I am sure, the Cardosas, in a silks frufru and starched linen petticoats.


Hotel Intercontinental Porto and Bar das Cardosas

Praça da Liberdade, 25, Porto

Open every day between 3pm and 1am

Tel: 22 003 5600


Photos provided by the institution