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7 Gastronomic Wonders
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It is already on July 22 that the 49 Pre-Finalist 7 Wonders Tables starts. Monsaraz was chosen for the premiere.


There are 49 selected tables that until September will be reduced to only 7, the 7 Portuguese Gastronomic Wonders, (7 Maravilhas à Mesa).

The qualifiers begin on July 22 at Reguengos de Monsarraz, followed by 29 in Batalha, 5 in Viseu, 12 in Alijó and 19 in Odemira, 26 August in Tomar and on the  September 2 the last of the Pre-Finalist Tables Elimination Gala.

Almeirim Table


The beautiful Moorish village of Monsaraz hosts the first Gala in the Parque do Monumento ao Cante. There are 7 tables, headed by Almeirim, which unquestionably includes in its list the Stone Soup (Sopa da Pedra), and the Varandas and Quinta da Alorna wines.

Fulfilling this edition novelty, the inclusion of Routes that serve as a backdrop to the tables, Almeirim proposes the Festival da Sopa da Pedra and the Quinta do Casal Branco Wine Tourism.

Monchique Table


The Monchique Table pays tribute to Porco Preto, the Black Pig, essential on the making of Tiborna de Chouriça, and Milhos Aferventados - Boiled Corn-, as an endogenous product. Instead of bringing wine, present us Aguardente de Medronho, a kind of arbutus brandy, and also with this brandy give us the scenario for the proposed Route, around Monchique Medronho Distilleries.

Braga Table


The rich and opulent Braga Table always has Broa de Milho - Corn Bread-, the best company for Bacalhau à Moda de Braga, a special cod dish. The Cidrão, a fruit related to the traditional lemon, that was on the verge of extinction, is the endogenous product and the chosen wine is Verde Branco Largo do Paço 2017. The Route proposed by Braga is the Pedestrian Routes Network and the Museum of Archeology D. Diogo de Sousa.

Reguengos de Monsaraz Table


Reguengos de Monsaraz, playing at 'home', brings Alentejo bread and cheese as discrete stars, and Cozido de Grão, Carnes e Enchidos - Chickpeas Stew, with Meats and Sausages - as the ultimate comfort food. The proposed wine is Tinto Monsaraz Reserva 2015, by Carmim, and the Monsaraz Route is the Writings on Stone and Cal.

Vila Real Table


Vila Real de Trás-os-Montes brings Chitterlings, Maronesa PDO meat and Covilhetes, all endogenous delicacies, washed with the Premium 2016 White and the 2014 Red From Vila Real Winery. As itineraries could not miss the charismatic Palace of Mateus, and the Vila Real International Circuit, as an Event of International Affirmation.

Ponta Delgada Table


From the distant Azores Islands comes the Ponta Delgada table, marked by the presence of fresh seafood, such as Cracas – a shellfish - ,  and Braised Tuna, which balance the meat of the cows that graze meekly on the slopes of São Miguel Island. The endogenous product chosen is, of course, the pineapple, and the wines are the Chardonnay White and the Tinto Barrica de Carvalho, both from 2016, both from Quinta da Jardinete. The Ponta Delgada Route is the visit to the Volcanic Complex of Sete Cidades.

Terras da Chanfana Table


To finish the first round of this Preliminary Round comes a joint venture of Terras da Chanfana: Lousã, Miranda do Corvo, Penela and Vila Nova de Poiares. The star of this table is, of course, Chanfana, goat meat long seasoned and cooked in red wine and all the mountain range herbal bouquets. But before Chanfana, Lousã territory propose its Rabaçal Cheese and after it, two endogenous products, the Honey from Serra da Lousã and Licor Beirão. The best company for Chanfana is the 2013 Red from Quinta de Foz de Arouce, and the Old Vineyards of Santa Maria, and to digest all this, there are two historical and cultural itineraries, the visit to the Monastery of Santa Maria de Semide, and a natural route, by the Nature Rails at the Serra da Lousã.


To remember how this whole story begins, click on the link below, the 7 Gastronomic Wonders, and if it is not in your plans to go to Monsaraz on the 22nd, do not worry, RTP1 TV channel will do transmit the party, live.


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Images: Official photographs of the book "7 Wonders to the Table - The Tables that nobody has yet experienced"