Building Stories at CCB, an Out of the Box Exhibition

Building Stories, CCB
Par JoÁ£o GALVÁƑO Il y a 6 ans

If Art is "what still surprises us", the Bulding Stories show in CCB emphasizes in architecture the artistic status, which is permanently there after all, we only need sometimes to be remembered.


Building Stories is an exhibition at Garagem Sul, the space that the CCB devotes to temporary shows about architecture and architects. This time Garagem Sul tells us about everything that is not easily captured at first glance in architecture, everything that goes behind the scenes, and how architecture is actually produced and built.

Building Stories exhibition, at CCB Garagem Sul, the arquitecture artistic backsatage


Building Stories is the representation of an abstract landscape constituted by architectural fragments. Like a permanent construction site, it emphasizes the dimensions of the exhibition space as if it were a landscape or an industrial ruin, where we can easily imagine the cold smell of fresh cement and the sound of heavy machinery. The intention is to transcend the boundaries of museum space and focus on architecture as a discipline.

Brick landscape and fresh ciment smell at Garagem Sul


Projects carried out, milestones or simple ideas and wishes of the ateliers architecten de vylder vinck taillieu, Maio and Ricardo Bak Gordon, are presented as living expressions of a much wider universe.

Maio Atelier space proposal, picture by José Hevia.


The exhibition establishes a dialogue between these architects who - despite each having their own ideas, their methods and their formal expression - share architecture as common territory, where they weave their unique approaches.

Architect Bak Gordon space.


Building Stories challenges the visitor to understand life and architecture through the work of the three ateliers of architecture, showing the similarities that can be found between the different stories when we talk about architecture.

The exhibition also includes a sound installation by the artist Tomás da Cunha Ferreira and the presentation of a film that brings together contributions from other architects who have made themselves available to share their own "constructed histories".

As in the opening picture, this one also illustrate the joint venture by the 3 invatided ateliers.


Curators: Amelia Brandão Costa and Rodrigo da Costa Lima

Guest Architects: from Vylder Vink Teilleu, Maio and Ricardo Bak Gordon

July 10 to October 14

Garagem Sul at CCB, Belém

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Pictures courtesy of organization