Aga Khan Inaugurates New House in Lisbon

Aga Khan IV in Lisbon
Par Carlos P Il y a 6 ans

Over a hundred years after its construction, Palacete Mendonça in Lisbon become the epicenter of Aga Khan IV’s vast universe


Palacete Mendonça early XX century, black and white photo of the house with passer-by

Palacete Mendonça in the early XX century


Right at the top of Parque Eduardo VII, flush with the capital’s “spine”, Palacete Mendonça was one of the richest households in Lisbon in the XX century. By designing it in 1901, Ventura Terra made Henrique Mendonça’s (1864-1942) dream come true.


Mendonça was a Portuguese entrepreneur who made a fortune by marrying a São Tomé and Principe heiress. In Lisbon, Mendonça was chairmen of organizations such as the Commercial Organization and the Portuguese Red Cross. In addition, he was also vice-governor of the Portuguese Bank.


The palace he had built had plenty of luxury details, such as gilded wood ornaments, an elevator, heating, original china by Fábrica Bordalo Pinheiro, exotic wood, a gallery, more than one staircase, a dome and a vast garden. All of this monumentality, still rare in the XX century, was much appreciated by Prince Aga Khan, one of the richest man of the XXI century.


Aga Khan IV and Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, the Portuguese President receives the Ismaeli Iman

Aga Khan and Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, the Portuguese President


Being the spiritual leader of a community of over 15 million Shiite Ismaeli Muslims, of which 15 thousand live in Portugal, most having come from Mozambique, Aga Khan is “God on Earth” for his followers. The prince runs a foundation which invests in various niches in society all over the world, focussing especially on Portugal.


Interiors of Palacete Mendonça, wooden stairway, dome and panelings

Interior view of the Palacete


With their heart set on making Lisbon their international headquarters, Aga Khan and his children have decided to restore the palace located in Rua Marquês de Fronteira. This important Lisbon landmark will serve its new purpose as of July 5th.


Aga Khan and his family will join the celebrations, which are predicted to run until the 12th. It is also said that a group of some 40 thousand guests will be joining to simultaneously celebrate Aga Khan’s spiritual leadership diamond Jubilee.


Palacete Mendonça, black and white old bird's eye photo

Palacete Mendonça, now the Aga Khan Foundation Headquarters