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My Comporta | Isabel Costa
Par Inês ALMEIDA Il y a 7 ans

“In Comporta, I can just switch off because it’s such a quiet place”


How long has Comporta been a part of your life?

I’ve always visited Comporta, but I have had a house there for 10 years now. That’s where I spend most of the summer, even though I also enjoy going there at other times of the year.


Praia da Comporta


What makes this destination the ideal refuge?

I was born in Africa, and I love Alentejo because it reminds me of my childhood landscapes, the colors of the fields and the land. Then, when the rice fields are green it feels like we are in Asia! In Comporta, I can just switch off because it’s such a simple and quiet place. However, if you want to have a bit of social life you just need to pay some friends a visit, organize dinners or go for a drink.


The rice fields at Comporta


What are your suggestions for a whole day in Comporta? Where would you recommend I took breakfast?

I never go out for breakfast, but every once in a blue moon I go to Eucalyptus, Célia’s café, for a sandwich and even a dessert because hers are the best.


What is your favorite restaurant in Comporta?

There are several depending on the season and my mood, but here it goes: I like the fish soup and the black rice at Sal, I like going to Barco do Sado for grooved razor shell rice, to Pica Peixe in Carvalhal for samosas and curry, to Museu do Arroz for a snack and to have a drink on the terrace, to O Dinis for grilled fish and to Sublime for a good steak in a more sophisticated atmosphere. If I feel like driving a bit further I go meet my friend Vasco at Pousada do Vale do Gaio to have some delicious petiscos.


Where can’t you resist shopping from?

Definitely Carlos’ grocery shop (Minimercado Gomes). can find everything there, even everything I need to make a special dish, but also an original basket, Portuguese traditional china or even a Portuguese aroma for the house. I like CORAL Comporta, it’s new and it has a different selection to the other shops. Then there’s Loja do Museu do Arroz, which I like for the caftans, the jewelry a, d the swimming suits. I also recommend having a look at Loja Lavanda, for the men’s collection, which is excellent.


CORAL Comporta shop


Where do you go when you want to have a drink?

Home, preferably. If not Sublime or the sunset parties at SAL.


Which is, for you, the most well-kept secret of Comporta?

If I told you… I think each and everyone has their secrets in Comporta, depending on what they most enjoy in life. It could be a desert beach or the place where they buy fresh fish from. But the secret we all share is the natural beauty that surrounds us.


The stilted wooden pier of Carrasqueira


What would you tell someone who was visiting Comporta for the first time?

To try the grooved sea shell rice, the fried squid, the Comporta white wine that António keeps improving, to visit the stilted wooden pier, to go for a bicycle ride in the rice fields, to go horseback riding with Cavalos na Areia, to cross the river on the ferry boat that leaves Setúbal and to spot the dolphins and to watch the sunset like it was their last!


Describe Comporta in a single word.




An idea for Comporta.

I wouldn’t change anything, but it’s very important to keep Comporta a peace and tranquility haven with some comfort, without damaging its natural beauty.


Who is Isabel Costa?

Isabel Costa is a fashion and personal shopping consultant for brands and private customers. Ex-model and fashion editor for women’s magazines, Isabel has been a luxury buyer for Fashion Clinic and Gucci and is the author of The Life Juice blog.


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