Who's Been to Comporta This Year, After All?

Who's been to Comporta
Par Carlos P Il y a 7 ans
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International models, fashion designers, singers, decorators, painters, businesspeople and even foreign athletes…


The list is never-ending and with some hidden secrets, but the truth is that Comporta has once more brought plenty of people we are used to seeing in international magazines to Portugal. They just can’t resist the Portuguese herdade.


Maria Sharapova, the Russian tennis champion, was one of the first international celebrities to set foot in Comporta right at the beginning of the summer season. Madonna, on the other hand, has already been to Comporta twice this year, first in May and then in July. Not only has she ridden a horse on the beach, she’s also had some petiscos and drinks in the most renowned restaurants in the region.



Maria Sharapova



French designer Philippe Starck, who has settled down in Lagoas,  between Pego and Carvalhal, has been spotted riding his bike through the village. Fátima Scarpa, the Brazilian millionaire, brought her sister Renata and a group of friends to celebrate her birthday during a week in the region. Also from Brazil came Carlos Souza, the Valentino PR, and his ex-wife Charlene Shorto.



Philippe Starck in Comporta



American interior designer Kelly Wearstler has also been seen visiting every shop in Comporta and Carvalhal, as has French decorator Jaques Grange, who owns a house and a shop in that town along with the art dealer Pierre Passebon. Chantal de Hannover, Prince Ernst of Hannover’s ex-wife wasn’t able to resist this Portuguese destination either. Christian Dior’s president, Sidney Toledano and his wife Katia were another of the couples that showed their preference for Comporta.


The same goes for Françoise Dumas, the PR who organized Prince Albert of Monaco’s wedding and also has a house in Carvalhal.


Famous homeowners’ guests


Many are the names that visit the region because they are invited by those who already own a home in this Portuguese paradise. Shoe designer Christian Louboutin, wine producer Noemi Cinzano, American fabric designer Carolina Irving and also Albina du Boisrouvray are among those who host these illustrious guests.


French landscape designer Louis Benech and he who is known as the Gardener Prince, Louis Albert de Broglie, saw each other again in Herdade da Comporta. The same has happened with Jason Martin and Anselm Kiefer. The English painter has a studio close to the fields of rice near the center of Comporta. Anselm Kiefer, one of the highest rated artists alive, has a large studio in the Brejos da Carregueira area.


Brazilian ex-mannequin and millionaire Bethy Lagardère, Emanuel Ungaro’s muse, has also spent her holiday in Comporta, having been invited by another ex-mannequin and friend, Farida Khelfa. Khelfa, who owns a house in Lagoas was Jean Paul Gautier’s muse and is the present ambassador for Schiaparelli.


Still in the fashion universe, Mexican blogger and model Adriana Abascal arrived in Comporta with her husband and children, their dog and a group of friends to spend their summer holiday.


Comporta is turning into a refuge and a retreat for a sophisticated international society who chose this destination to take a break from their busy cosmopolitan lives, be it in Paris, Monaco, London, São Paulo or New York. The beaches, the woods, the typical houses with their peculiar aesthetic matrix and a small cluster of restaurants and shops, together with exceptional light and weather are just what it takes to recharge batteries for the rest of the year…