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Sublime Hotel Comporta
Par Inês ALMEIDA Il y a 7 ans
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Sublime hotel Comporta combines discreet luxury with a natural, well-preserved environment


Sublime Comporta hotel - the name says it all. This is a discreet luxury hotel, an intimate, sophisticated space, much like its location in the hidden paradise of Comporta.


This is a hotel designed so that you can switch off from the world while enjoying everything you have ever dreamed of: a restaurant run by famous chef Ljubomir Stanisic, a complete spa, both indoor and outdoor pools, a vast pine forest and in close proximity to the Carvalhal and Comporta beaches.


The hotel villas blend seamlessly with its wild surroundings. Photo:


This is a charming project that, despite its luxurious look, has no pretentiousness at all. The accommodation unit is located on the road that connects Comporta to Grândola but it is so discreet that only a few notice it. Little more than a gate can be spotted from the main road. However, upon entering nature takes over in the form of dozens of trees that hide the houses in the back.


Sublime started off as a single holiday home that Gonçalo Pessoa built with his wife, Patricia. From then on it was transformed into a country house retreat with 14 bedrooms. It suffered its final mutation in 2016 when it spread over the 17 hectares of pine forest. It was given a facelift so that it had a more modern look and 20 new bedrooms came with it.


These are now distributed between 10 little houses inspired by the traditional huts of the region. Each of these houses has two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchenette, a pool and a fireplace. Sublime offers the possibility to rent the whole house or just the bedrooms and communal areas.


Sublime Comporta


The hotel also has bicycles at its guests’ disposal, for those who want to explore the nearby lake, for example. It is also possible for Gonçalo to take you on a jeep ride for a picnic at a private beach.


As if these arguments weren’t strong enough, there are also poolside treats available, an open fire close to which you might spend a splendid soirée and a local products restaurant.


Sublime Hotel restaurant is called Sem Porta and consultant chef Ljubomir Stanisic is in charge of its kitchen. It’s located in an old barn and gives precedence to local products and regional flavors.


On the menu figure rice-based dishes, the star-ingredient of the region, but also giant octopus with Pak Choi, bread migas à lagareiro, Bulhão Pato broth or Marie biscuit ice cream with Nisa cheese foam. To drink, try one of the seventeen cocktails on the list, chef Ljubo’s specialty.


Address: Estrada Nacional 261-1, Muda, Grândola 7570-337, Portugal

Telephone no.: (+351) 26 944 9376