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Comporta Beach
Par Inês ALMEIDA Il y a 7 ans
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Praia do Pego and Praia do Carvalhal are right next to Comporta and just as heavenly. 


When talking about Comporta, many say that it’s heaven on Earth and a tranquility haven, kept safe from the wear and tear caused by the tourism activity. What about the beach, then? Well, Comporta beach greatly contributes to this excellence status. This beach is part of the Sado Estuary Nature Reserve, which has allowed for its natural, unspoiled beauty to be preserved. 


Comporta is known for its immense 12-kilometer long white sand stretch and crystal clear water. It was the first beach in the Grândola municipality to be awarded the European Blue Flag, just like Tróia-Mar and Tróia-Galé. Besides, it’s also rather accessible, being served by a quite ample car park as well as a bar, a restaurant, and complete toilet facilities. 


Sun loungers and palm umbrellas at Comporta Beach

Praia da Comporta


Picturesque and photography-worthy, Comporta is surrounded by 624 hectares of fine sand dunes. This is an ideal place to go to when trying to escape the hustle-and-bustle of the city, be it summer or winter. 


If this all sounds too quiet for you, worry not. If you’d rather be doing some water sports instead of lying on the sand all day, this beach is right up your alley. Here you can go surfing, bodyboarding, kite surfing and even fishing. Even if water is not your cup of tea, you can go hiking or bird watching through the pine tree forest or rice fields right next to the beach.


Along this stretch of the Portuguese coast, there are three great beaches to be found: Praia da Comporta,  Praia do Carvalhal and Praia do Pego. All of these give a Blue Flag stamp pride of place and are easily accessible for those of reduced mobility. As if this weren’t enough, they also hold a certificate stating that they’re as environmentally friendly as possible. 


O Dinis beach restaurant and café at Praia do Carvalhal

Praia do Carvalhal


At Praia do Carvalhal, it is even possible for you to have a massage under a breezy tent by the dunes, to borrow a book from the beach library, to play volleyball or to try the amazing fish at O Dinis - Restaurante dos Pescadores. Trust us, the fishermen know what they are doing if they choose to eat at this place. 


Praia do Pego is no different from Carvalhal or Comporta when it comes to the fine light yellow sand, thatched little huts, lounge chairs, and tranquil waters. When the topic is food, though, here is where you can find Sal restaurant, the best beach bar in the world as announced by Condé Nast Traveler magazine.