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Par Inês ALMEIDA Il y a 7 ans
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Play golf, visit the Tróia Marina, go dolphin spotting, and have a luxurious stay at Tróia Design Hotel


Tróia Beach is inserted on the Tróia peninsula, a region of impressive natural beauty, even after its development as a tourist destination. To get to Tróia all it takes is to take the ferry from Setúbal. After that, you’ll have access to 18 kilometers of beach that are divided into the many beautiful beaches in the region. Be it summer or winter, the tempered microclimate will allow you to enjoy the several activities at your disposal.


Praia de Tróia is the first saltwater beach on the peninsula. Similarly to the other beaches, Praia de Tróia has a calm and transparent sea. It also has a beautiful curve protected by the dunes, a beautiful view over the Arrábida Mountain and is serviced by a simple bar that makes sure there’s always cold beer and ice-creams anytime. Going by ferry boat really is encouraged to avoid eventual parking difficulties.


Tróia Design Hotel. Photo Credits: Tróia Design Hotel


Tróia is the area on the peninsula with the most activity options. There’s the Tróia Marina, where you are guaranteed to have great fun doing a water sport or playing golf at the 18-hole Tróia golf course, ideal for those who are passionate about the sport. The golf course was designed by the famous American architect Robert Trent Jones and is featured on the list of the best golf courses in Europe. Because of that, some international competitions are held on the spot.


Another mandatory activity is to take a boat ride to go dolphin spotting. You might also opt for going birdwatching at the Arrábida Mountain Nature Reserve and the Sado Estuary Nature Reserve. Another of the region’s ex-libris are the Roman ruins which date back to the 1st century AD. These used to be the biggest complex in the production of conserves and fish sauce in the Roman West.


Roman Ruins


We recommend the Tróia Design Hotel for an overnight stay, a five-star resort built in contemporary architectonic lines and many design details. The hotel spreads over the Tróia Marine and has 61 bedrooms and 144 suites, indoor and outdoor restaurants, several bars, a club, two outdoor pools, and a spa, which has been nominated the Best Luxury Hotel Spa in the country by the World Luxury Awards.