“Reencontros”: Musical Memories in the National Palace of Sintra

Reencontros at Sintra
Par JoÁ£o GALVÁƑO Il y a 6 ans

In addition to everything that, easily, takes us to Sintra, there is also "Reencontros", the music cycle dedicated to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

"Reencontros" cycle will returns to the National Palace of Sintra during the month of July. There are eight different theme shows, from flamenco to the sacred repertoire, passing through the Germanic legends and stories from other nations.

This edition brings international renowned guests, coming from Spain, Italy, France and Germany, while maestro Massimo Mazzeo assume artistic direction.

The beautiful, and oldest in all country, Palácio Nacional de Sintra, stage for this "Reecontros" musical cycle, picture by PSML - Luís Duarte. On this article opening, interior detail from same Palácio, picture by Diogo Rodrigues.


"This year’s cycle has the Mediterranean as a point for expansion, as well as everything that the Mediterranean has brought to the countries that look at this cradle of civilization."

In the Central Courtyard and in the Swan Room of this oldest royal palace in the country, every Friday and Saturday of July, from medieval to sixteen-century sounds are revisited, fitting wonderfully the historical context of this palace: the repertoires of "Reencontros" reflect the musical taste from High Middle Ages until the end of the 16th century, like the palace, after all.

The Swan Room, Sala dos Cisnes, where interior concerts occur, picture by Luís Duarte.


On July 13 the group L'Arpeggiata, directed by Christina Pluhar, presents a concert that is the cornerstone of this whole cycle and from which all others radiate. The repertoire of this evening takes us on a journey through the Mediterranean popular musical tradition, as spotted on the title of the concert: "Mediterranean - music from Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Macedonia".

L'Arpeggiata ensemble, to see at July 13. Picture by Michael Uneffer.


From Germany comes Ala Aurea ensemble which, on July 14, improvises on the most universal of European legends, intrinsically linked to the Germanic culture: the Parsifal. The concept created by Maria Jonas for the show '' Cundrîe la Surziere '' - A medieval route in search of Chrétien de Tryes and Wolfram von Eschenbach" consists in the recovery of the oldest known texts on the subject and in improvisation, based on the few Middle Ages writtens that reached us.

Ala Aurea, from Germany, sings improv on the Parsifal tale, at July 14. Picture DR.


On July 20 and 21, the National Palace of Sintra receives the vocal ensemble Odhecaton, which recovers the sacred and profane repertoire of the Renaissance. "'Flos Florum' - Symbology of Marian number and devotion in French-Flemish polyphony", on July 20, is dedicated to Marian devotion in French polyphonic music and culture. On Saturday 21, the Italian ensemble returns to the concert "The Moods of Orlando di Lasso" invoking one of the most representative authors of sixteenth-century polyphony, Orlando di Lasso. In this tribute to the composer, they will explore his many facets and the versatility with which, through music, he was able to express the most varied moods of human nature, from melancholy to spirituality, through the expression of the sanguine bloodiness of worldly life.

From Italy, the Odhecaton group, to ear on July 20 and 21. Picture by Laila Meyrick Velour.


Accademia del Piacere, a group of international renown, closes "Reencontros" with two programs that propose two different immersions in the Hispanic sounds. On July 27th, "Rediscovering Spain - Fantasias, diferencias y glosas" in Spanish music from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries "recovered the practice and the musical reading of the instrumentalists of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries following the most rigorous historicist criteria. 

On the last day of this cycle, July 28, the Accademia del Piacere will demonstrate the duality of musical expression with Seville as a scenario, caught between the humanist lights and the obscurity of the counter-reformation, oscillating between comedy and sensuality and mysticism and spirituality. The program '' Hispalis Splendens '' - Seville's music of the golden age” thus concludes the fourth edition of the" Reencontros ".

The Accademia del Piacer, will close this year's cycle, on July 28. Picture by Oscar Romero.


The "Reencontros - Musical Memories in the Sintra Palace" cycle is a joint initiative of the Parques de Sintra and the Divino Sospiro - Center for Musical Studies in Portugal (CEMSP). The artistic director is the maestro Massimo Mazzeo. "Reencounters - Musical Memories in the Palace of Sintra" continues the Parques de Sintra 4th Season of Erudite Music, which began in March with the "Musical Halls in the Pena Palace", and ends, in October and November, with the cycle "Queluz Nights - Storm and Galanterie".


Ticket price per concert: € 10

Swan Room Capacity: 160 seats

More info and sale points: Parques de Sintra,,, FNAC, Worten, El Corte Inglés, Altice Arena, Media Markt, ACP stores, PAGAQUI network and Turismo de Lisboa.


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