Comporta Is Swarming with Life

Comporta has grown
Par Carlos P Il y a 6 ans
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Downtown Comporta has officially begun summer season with an offer that outgrows the demand. Comporta has grown and awaits many (tardy) visitors.


After three years of international fame to an unheard-of extent in Portugal, the center of Herdade da Comporta, now the center of a whole town, explodes in options that go from the traditional petiscos (not to be mistaken with the Spanish tapas), furniture, clothes, necklaces and swimwear. There is nothing missing for women and there is a growing universe of things for your home. Only the men seem to be lacking in options, but not for long.




The center of this cosmos is called Rua do Secador (or Dryer’s Street, where rice used to be dried) and it stretches for a thousand meters that go from the police station right to the chapel. Two opposite poles in between which anything can be found: there are places to stay (Hotel Comporta Village), to have breakfast in, to buy meat or fish, to stock up the cupboards in the pantry, to dress from head to toe, to have lunch or a snack, to go for a drink or for dinner, to see (and buy) art, to have a haircut, fix your shoes, buy some presents, you name it. You can even refurbish your whole place, there. Rua do Secador lacks nothing but customers to crowd the shops, restaurants, and bars.


New openings


This summer, ALAIRE arrived from Sintra loaded with both indoor and outdoor furniture (Philippe Starck himself was there for the inauguration), GOMES Casa de Vinhos e Petiscos (where Cristiano Ronaldo has already been) opened right opposite to the market of the same name and serves the charismatic petiscos until late at night. SUMMER MARKET at Casa da Cultura has now more to offer, JARDIN MINERVA was inaugurated under the great maple tree with light meals, foosball, swings, and drinks (alcoholic or not). PIADINAS ZANOTTA have now more seats, more shade, and more atmosphere.



Something like an accessory to this noble artery of the village, a long walkway was built in what used to be only sand and is now a great place for a stroll after a day of shopping at RICE, CORAL COMPORTA, LOJA DO MUSEU DO ARROZ, BRIFFA and MANUMAYA.



International recognition


This town is more alive than ever and everybody in the world is talking about it (even the old and renowned PARIS MATCH is coming for a special edition on Comporta). People are running out of space where to exhibit and foreign tourists are starting to arrive – Americans or Australians, everyone but the Portuguese are here, much due to the unpredictable weather. It is said that a cloud in the sky is enough for a Portuguese not to dare leave the house. Adding insult to injury, it isn’t unusual for the sky to be grey in the morning in Portugal.


What with THE SPOT MARKET running between July 28th-29th and August 11th-12th in an old barn in Rua do Secador, the shops and bars closing later and closing fewer days, Comporta awaits the thousands of Portuguese tourists that are giving up on beaches and turning towards Rua do Secador, where princes, movie and TV stars, designers, ministers and the like move unnoticed.