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Nova SBE
Par JoÁ£o GALVÁƑO Il y a 6 ans

Want to graduate in Economics and Business but do not feel like a bean counter? Before school need always a surfing hour? Nova SBE is for you, buddy.

It is already done, on academic year 2018/19, the Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) starts at Carcavelos, with a completely new perspective, and more than pertinent way, mirroring these nowadays times. Taking not only into account a programmatic content, but especially and above all the teachers, the location and interaction between alumni / faculty / neighborhood, at a contemporary attitude that mirrors the Millennials allure which will soon inaugurate Nova School of Business & Economics.

Nova SBE implantation render, with Carcavelos beach a few yards away, and Forte da Torre, the nearest historical building. In the background, the Oeiras Marina and Recreation Port.


This new campus at Carcavelos is underlined by Nova’s New Way of Life vision, which combines academic rigor with an oriented purpose to the effective impact on people and organizations.


We could almost say that Nova School of Business & Economics left at the old premises, in Campolide, Lisbon, the traditional outfit of the Universidade Nova College for Economics. Campolide was no longer able to respond to the growth of the school, both for the academic programs and for other projects that has been developing, echoing the natural evolution of an educational establishment that does not want to lose the contemporary move.

One of the buildings almost completed, viewed from sea-side. Picture by Francisco Nogueira.


Nova SBE needed a new space, focused on students their academic and personal development path - a space that fosters the growth and entrepreneurship of initiatives that are born inside the school, but accessible to the whole community.

The Nova SBE still in finishing details, viewd from land side. Picture by Francisco Nogueira.


The new Campus project involves the creation of a global school in Portugal, which combines the academic quality with the lifestyle that our country - especially Lisbon and Cascais regions offer). Carcavelos is one of those rare places where everybody feels on vacation throughout all year, and its beach is regularly requested for international surfing, bodyboarding and other international sports competitions.

It is not only these sports and the healthy leisure culture that may be a plus for both students and teachers who choose Nova SBE to study or teach. Lisbon and Cascais, the nearby cities, and Portugal as a whole, have been under focus by international media as privileged destinations, for whether leisure, business or career. And in the last past few weeks Portugal was, for the second consecutive year, distinguished as the Best European Tourist Destination and Lisbon as Best Destination City of Europe, by the World Travel Awards.

A gallery at new Nova SBE.


The new Campus at Carcavelos aims to be a hub of talent attraction, concerning training for university students and executives, nationally and especially internationally, in the areas of economics, management and finance.


Apart from being located in an exceptional territorial spot, the Nova SBE building is an example of the good contemporary construction in coastal areas, which naturally requires a minimum of respect for the surrounding, not always contemplated - an example, very close to it, was recently built on the grounds of NATO, on the other side of the road, a gigantic cement box made without any kind of landscape contemplation.

In front of the beach of Carcavelos, the building has an area of ​​over 66,000m2, on low construction interspersed with large open green spaces, accessible to the community.

An auditorium fitted not only for college use, but also for any kind of show oe event.


The project was signed by architects António Barreiros Ferreira and Vítor Carvalho Araújo, and was selected in an international competition organized in 2014. The facilities are prepared to receive more than 3,000 students in 2018, in all levels of education: bachelors degree, doctoral studies and executive training. The campus is designed to receive more than the double, although administration plans aim only to welcome 5,000 users, in the coming years, in order to enhance user enjoyment.

One of new the classrooms, with an incomparable Atlantic view.


This spatial concept is the best receptacle for the Nova’s New Way of Life, which brings new teaching approaches, focused on collaborative learning; this cosy and comfortable environment - where life privileges outdoors and open spaces - is of course a layout that fosters openness to the community, promoting movement and meeting among students, teachers, ex-alumni, local businesses and neighbors. This sense of community and collaborative work is stimulated with the goal of creating value for society.

Another auditorium.


Nova SBE, like any school, has its main interest in the student population, but leaves them at the same time free and autonomous: there are 26 student clubs, professional and social, and more than 100 students are volunteers at 60 Non Profit Organizations.

The Student Union is the representative entity of all Nova SBE students and is responsible for improving the academic life school activities. Every year about 150 events organized by students take place.


In terms of employability, 50% of master's finalists have their first job abroad, with Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and the United Kingdom as the main recruiters. Unilaver, Amazon, L'Oréal, Hilton Wordwide, Vodafone, Credit Suisse, the European Commission and Microsoft are the companies that most hire fresh Nova SBE finalists.

A spacial diagram of new Nova SBE.


This success is due very much to the judicious choice of teachers, 160 from more than 20 nationalities; the 2017 numbers are a laurel, translated into 130 publications, 99 Peer review articles and 24 articles published in top journals.


Because Lisbonne-Idée is primarily aimed for tourists and expats living in Portugal (often the same person, who visits the country and then decides to make it their new home), it is essential to talk about Tim Vieira's relationship with Nova SBE.

Tim Vieira, born in South Africa, has called home to Portugal since 2014, with his wife and three children. Vieira dedicates his time to the business portfolio he has created. Tim became known to the Portuguese public when he participated as an investor in the first season of Shark Tank Portugal.

Tim Vieira


Like so many other foreigners who came to live in Portugal, Tim feels he was welcomed by a community that made him feel at home. Grateful for everything the country has given him, he thinks it's time to reciprocate: "Nova SBE has grown beyond its old campus in Campolide and, in September 2018, the incredible new campus of Carcavelos will be ready and will open doors for more of 3000 students from Portugal and the rest of the world ".

"Completely funded by private donations, Nova SBE has already made donations of € 35 million so far, but it still needs to raise an additional € 15 million, to achieve its goal of 50 million euros. "

Tim hopes that other foreigners living in Portugal will follow suit and commit to this initiative. To do so, he created a challenge: for every euro donated by a foreigner residing in Portugal, Tim will match that euro to a maximum of € 250,000.00.


To participate in this initiative follow the link: expat-challenge /


More info here.


Pictures courtesy of the institution. Photos from construction site by Francisco Nogueira.