Museu Berardo Celebrates its 11th Year

Museu Berardo 11 birthday
Par SÁ³nia SEARA SILVESTRE Il y a 6 ans

On June 23rd and 24th Museu Coleção Berardo will celebrate 11 years with free entrance and special activities.


The afternoon of the 23rd, from 2:30pm to 7:30pm, will bring to the Museum’s Auditorium   a video presentation covering the guided visits provided by invited art critics and historians  throughout the years.

From 3pm to 6pm and as an on going activity for all ages, “The plots of Berardo’s Collection” will invite the audience to visit the museum and create a big story map guided by a game using images, ideas, words and relations.

Thematic visits start at 3pm and will last 30 minutes. The first, “Piet Mondrian and a new image of superman” will follow the clues of the exhibition “Line, Form and Colour - the Art of Coleção Berardo”. At 3:45pm, the visit devoted to “Talking Picture of Man Ray listens to John Cage’s

Experimental Sound?” following the exhibition Coleção Berardo 1900–1960. At 4:30pm it’s “From Marcel Duchamp to Joseph Kosuth - the dematerialisation of the art object” following the exhibits Coleção Berardo 1900–1960 and Coleção Berardo 1960–2010.

On Sunday, the 24th, the video presentation will be exhibited again at the Auditorium, between 2:30pm and 7pm.

From 3 to 6pm the on going activities for all ages will be devoted to the theme “Will you or I Draw?”, where the audience looking at the Museum’s collection will be challenged to manipulate machinery and draw or paint on special paper. 

30 minutes theme visits will start at 3pm with “The Square”, an essential figure in abstract art’s vocabulary. At 3:45pm it’s “The Grid”, a paradigm of abstract art together with the monochrome. At 4:30 and to complete the cycle there will be a visit devoted to “The Monochrome”. 

The Museum’s reception will be the meeting point and both entrance and activities will be free. 


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