BB Blues Fest, the

BB Blues Fest
Par JoÁ£o GALVÁƑO Il y a 6 ans

f the blues are the music of the worker banished from high society, then Baixa da Banheira is certainly their best stage. Respect!



The BB Blues Fest - 7th edition, at Baixa da Banheira - south bank, near Barreiro -starts already on May 31, extending until June 3, in various spaces of the José Manuel Figueiredo Cultural Forum and José Afonso Park, at the Baixa da Banheira For four days, this village on Moita county will be on the route of blues lovers.


When Lisbon finally overflows over the Tagus, Barreiro will be to the capital as Brooklyn, or Williamsburgh, is to New York: former factory sites, with old picturesque construction, and small working-class neighbourhoods, a river wide away from the cosmopolitan metropolis.


BB Blues Fest starts at 22:00 on May 31, with the Spanish Tòfol Martinez taking the stage of the Café-Concerto of the Cultural Forum. Entrance is free, but limited to the space.



Tòfol Martinez, on the 31st, and in the opening photo Frankie Chavez, to see on June 2nd.


For June 1st, at the Cultural Forum auditorium, two major concerts are scheduled: at 9:30 pm, with Ian Siegal (UK), recently distinguished at the UK Blues Awards in the categories Male Vocalist of the Year Blues and Acoustic Blues Act of the Year, and at 23:00, the American John Németh.



The American John Nemeth, to also listen on day 1.


Opening on June 2 at 9:30 pm in the auditorium of the Cultural Forum, will be the Portuguese Frankie Chavez, followed at 23:00 by the great female voice Diunna Greemleaf (USA).



The great Diunna Greenleaf, not to missed on June 2nd.


Tickets for this day - and the previous one - have the value of 10 euros (available on the Ticketline network and can also be purchased the same day, from 20:30 onwards, at the Cultural Forum).


The last day of BB Blues Fest, June 3, has a more relaxed mood, with the Blues Picnic, starting at 15:00 in the Jose Afonso Park at Baixa da Banheira. That afternoon is to be dedicated to Portuguese blues bands: Hokum Blues, The Smokestackers, Them Sacks'a Potatoes and The Ramblers.



The Ramblers, one of the Portuguese bands to listen for free on the 3rd of June.


In addition to good music, the Blues Picnic will offer an inflatable devise, for the younger ones fun, a presence of a barber from Baixa da Banheira village, lover of this musical genre, who joins the initiative, cutting hair on the spot, free of charge, as well as eating and drinking spaces. Go there. Admission is free.


The BB Blues Fest - 7th edition is the result of a joint organization between the BB Blues Portugal Association, the Municipality of Moita and the Union of Parishes of Baixa da Banheira and Vale da Amoreira.


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