An Expat Arrived at Bom Porto

Bom Porto
Par JoÁ£o GALVÁƑO Il y a 6 ans
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He came from the other side of the world and found at Oporto his city. When he opened a store, he called it Bom Porto, Good Port, where one arrives and is happy.



Porto has long been crossing a cultural movement that is rare, in time, in quality and in range, taking Portugal as an all. Especially the area that has Rua do Rosário and Rua Miguel Bombarda as its core. To the point that, at here, Miguel Bombarda, there is a cluster of shops and galleries called CCB, as a joke to Lisbon’s CCB, the Cultural Centre; this is Bombarda Shopping Center and worth a long visit.



The Bom Porto shop/art gallery, owned by Philip-Didier Fouligny.



Just around the corner, going down Rua do Rosário, we found Bom Porto, that Philip-Didier Fouligny opened when he moved into Oporto. The interior shop/art gallery has earned this name as a reflection of the happiness that Philip-Didier feels in the city he has chosen, welcoming him. "It's a beautiful city, with lots of young and creative people, who do very interesting work. It's a culturally stimulating city,” told Philip-Didier to Lisbonne-Idée.


Arts and crafts, both national and from far far away, are the evident added value brought by Bom Porto.




Since when does Bom Porto exist ?

1 December of 2017.


What is the space concept ?

A Bom Porto is a gallery / shop with local and international art pieces. 


Where the pieces come from, and what’s the criterion of choice ?

Portugal and Europe, South America, South Pacific and Africa. The pieces are chosen according to my personal taste and must have to relate harmoniously between each other and to the space.


How much space in m?


With so many interesting shops in town, how do you overcome the competition ?

Bom Porto has a very special selection of pieces, that hardly can be found on any other shop in the city.


Around Porto, with the owner of Bom Porto


I like Porto because…

... it is a city with a young spirit, with a lot of creativity.


In Porto I do not live without...…

... the night of Saint John.


Only trade Porto for..

... nothing!


At Porto I do not resist …

... to the squid with almond sauce from Mondo Deli.


The best place to dine in Porto is…

... o Mondo Deli!

And to continue into the night…

... the Passos Manuel.



The Passos Manuel, the after hours space recommended by Philip-Didier at Porto.


The best view of Porto is..

... from Guindalense F.C. terrace.



The Guindalense terrace, considered by Philip-Didier the best sight over the city.


I like Porto but… 

... I will like it better, because it's getting better every time.



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Images of the space given by the owner.



Other images taken from respective FB pages.