Ultra Marathon 2018; This Is Not For Beginners

Ultra Marathon 2018
Par JoÁ£o GALVÁƑO Il y a 6 ans

43 kilometres, alongside the beaches between Melides and Troia, running always and only on sand. Would you?

On July 1 there will be a special marathon, an ultra marathon. The Ultra Atlantic Marathon between Melides and Troia, along the Alentejo coast, begins at 9h00 am and first athletes are expected to arrive by 11h45. But the organization extends the deadline until 5h00 p.m., after all this is a 43 kilometres running always on sand.



Because these are Municipality of Grândola beaches, the Municipality is organizing the race. This is intended for anyone, individually or in teams, as long as they comply with the regulation physic requirements, but we can advance, due to the competition long duration, the sun exposure and the specific characteristics of the floor, these requirements are not so easy to fill.



Registration costs €40, but I can tell you already that if you want to run next year, you can get it cheaper: €20 if you register until December 31 or €30 if you do it by May 31, next year.

There are several levels to the competition, varying according to age and sex, but there are only prizes for the first male and female athletes: €500 for the first, €250 for the second and € 25 for the third.



There’s also some extra prizes, €100 for male and female winners, if they break the Record Event, 2.46:30h for him and 3.30:46h for her. To the first classified of the general masculine and the general feminine competitions, the organization additionally offers the next year inscription to the race.



The same organization offers each competitor a backpack with fruit, s energy gel and a energy bar. But you can even take with you a Portuguese stew: the rules imply that everything that the athlete needs during the race must be carried from the beginning, ‘refuelling’ is not allowed along the course. The organization will provide 3 litters of water for each athlete, one at the beginning, another at kilometre 14.5, at Pinheiro da Cruz Beach and an end at kilometre 28.5 at Praia da Comporta.



Would you love to do this Ultra Marathon but are you sure that, more or less midcourse, you’ll just want to give up, turn left and dive into the Atlantic? Do not worry, in parallel, on the same day, the Atlantic Race Comporta-Troia is on, with only 15 kilometres. Well, only is a way of speaking; this race also will be run on sand and will not be easy task, for sure.



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Photos taken from the official website of the event.