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Par SÁ³nia SEARA SILVESTRE Il y a 6 ans
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Choosing to live elsewhere from your birth country is a big move, too big for most people, so we spoke to some foreigners who have chosen Lisboa as their home. 




Hara comes from Spain, and works as Director and Booker for Real London Casting. On her free time she surfs, does yoga and travels, and tries to combine all three when possible. Before moving to Portugal Hara lived in London and Tarifa.





Hara Vuelta



What brought you to Lisboa? 

I was passing by and it just trapped me in the most beautiful way. 


In what neighbourhoods have you lived?

I’ve lived in Intendente, Alcantara, Alcoitão, Carcavelos, Caparica and now in Graça. Graça is the right place for me at this moment in my life.


Favorite Lisboa spots? 

The walk from Alcantara to Belém, its just so refreshing to have somewhere like that in the city center. Estufa Fria, I love plants and greenery, this place is great to switch off and pretend you are in the jungle. LX Factory if I have a hipster day. Miradouro de Santa Catarina for a beer at sunset. Gulbenkian Museum for arty mornings and jazzy nights, lovely gardens as well! Topo for open air cinema evenings. I have too many favourite spots! I couldn't choose one... And I keep discovering new ones all the time. 


Favorite Restaurants? 

Well... I’m vegan and it has been a struggle! But I see there are more and more options opening up now, in the beginning I thought it was quite hard but now I’m really enjoying it, I get to try new restaurants all the time! 


AO26 - seriously, even if you are not vegan try this place!  


EIGHT - great salads and juices.


JUICY - their wrap is fab! Nice to grab something on the go.


THE FOOD TEMPLE - food made with love, great spot to sit on the steps outside and have a beer in hot summer nights.



Favorite Clubs?

I’m not a club person but Lisbon has so many nice bars! For cocktails I like Foxtrot, its like traveling back in time. For a glass of wine and a chat with friends I like my local bar, Botequim in Largo da Graça.


Have you discovered any local art or artists? ?

Obviously Vhils and Bordalo II, they represent Lisbon in such an unique way. 

I’ve recently discovered Johny Surf Art, I definitely want to get my hands on one of his pieces! 



Where do you go to relax? 

The beach or Estufa Fria, green and blue are very calming colours for me.


Favorite time of the year to be here? 

September! The tourists are gone, the light is wonderful and the weather is still nice without being too hot. 


What does Lisboa have that other cities don't?

In Lisboa i have found quality of life.


Moving was a big decision but what makes you stay?

I can’t point at one thing in particular and I can’t say how long I’ll stay, I go with the flow and the flow took me here so maybe you should ask The Flow ;)