Cascais: LandArt 2018, Nature as a Plinth

LandArt Cascais
Par JoÁ£o GALVÁƑO Il y a 6 ans

3 unavoidable artists leave their ateliers and use Quinta do Pisão as a gallery, al fresco



The LandArt Cascais is an exhibition of public art that takes place in Quinta do Pisão, a stunning space inserted in the Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais. In order to privilege the contact between Man and Nature, the works that constitute the show were created to be integrated into the landscape. This year, the challenge of the Municipality of Cascais, through the D. Luís I Foundation and Cascais Ambiente, was put to artists José de Guimarães, Inês Botelho and Pedro Cabral Santo.


The three artists developed original designs for the different spaces of Quinta do Pisão.




José de Guimarães during the assembly of the exhibition. The opening photo of this article shows his work, at part of the landscape.



José de Guimarães presents the series Nomadic Voices - multi-coloured characters that occupy the fields and hills of the farm.



 Inês Botelho during the assembly of her LandArt.


Inês Botelho created sculptures in metal that interact with the natural structure of a massive tree of majestic size, located in the place of Refilão. These sculptures are complemented by the mimetic representation of shadows, projected in the trees themselves, also using painting.




Pedro Cabral Santo and his homage to Santa Rita Pintor, at LandArt 2018.


Pedro Cabral Santo pays homage to Santa Rita Pintor by building a rocket that looks ready to launch into space from one of the old lime kilns. The play is entitled Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars Santa Rita. 


From May 19 to July 1, LandArt will receive students from various schools and general public for atelier courses carried out by the Cultural and Educational Service of the Museum Quarter, Cascais.


The sculptures are ephemeral, being exposed until they wear out, by the weather conditions.


The LandArt Cascais, commissioned by Luisa Soares de Oliveira, goes beyond the traditional exhibition spaces of contemporary art and brings the artists, and their work, to the natural landscape. The open-air show also allows a free walk along the 450-hectare Quinta do Pisão, a historic site that has had a human presence for 5,000 years, a prehistoric time, updating itself time upon time to answer its thousands of visitors. Workshops, horseback riding or donkey rides, activities with animals, harvesting vegetables are just some of the permanent activities in Quinta do Pisão.



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Opening photo provided by Bairro dos Museus, Cascais.


Other photos by Valter Vinagre, provided by the organization.