Sai Prego Is the New Restaurant of Vitor Sobral in Lisbon

Sai Prego
Par Inês ALMEIDA Il y a 6 ans
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The new restaurant opens on Rua do Conde Redondo with the promise of bringing to Lisbon the history and flavor of the traditional nail of Praia das Maçãs


Located in Rua do Conde Redondo 64 A in Lisbon, the restaurant Sai Prego opens its doors for all lovers of one of the most "Portuguese" snacks: o prego (steak with two slices of bread). With a varied menu, which counts on the advice of chef Vítor Sobral, one of the greatest references of national gastronomy, and the passion of owner Alexandra Lopes, the new space promises to reinvent delicacies of our history and offer modern, comforting and full of flavor options to all your visitors.


In the menu there are about 20 suggestions among entrees, dishes and desserts, of which nails are especially noteworthy, namely the Original, made with succulent slices of slow-cooked veal, bacon, grilled tomato and marinated onion, the Traditional, with a matured meat of "eat and cry for more", the Sea, with a fresh tuna loin, topped with house sauce and Horta, prepared with vegetables, cheese from the island and coriander, thought for vegetarians. In addition to the food, it also offers an extensive menu of homemade beers, wines, natural juices, teas, infusions and a special coffee from the "Vítor Sobral" lot.


Some pregos can be served on the plate and the average value of a meal for two is € 20 for lunch and € 26 for dinner.


To offer a differentiating experience and to offer a meal alternative to its regular customers, Sai Prego organizes every Friday a Happy Hour with live music and offers during the week a lunch menu consisting of soup and a different price, which is not included in the price. € 20 for lunch and € 26 for dinner.


The restaurant has a show cooking kitchen and a dining room that can accommodate 50 people in a sitting room.


"Sai Prego is a young, relaxed, welcoming space with an artistic component that intends to honor our tradition by reinterpreting the original nail of Mr. Manuel Dias Prego" says Alexandra Lopes, owner of Sai Prego. "The menu translates into a true fusion between history and modern times, in which the flavors mix with the quality standards that Chef Vitor Sobral has accustomed us to."


"We have identified a gap in relation to one of the greatest icons of our gastronomic culture. It lacked a space in Lisbon that aliases the experience of the past to the experience of the present and offered an extraordinary experience by the gustative memories of the century. XIX. It is a pleasure to be part of this project and, through it, to contribute to the reintroduction of a delicious product, typically Portuguese ", adds chef Vítor Sobral.


The origin of prego dates back to the 19th century. XIX, in the tavern of Mr. Manuel Dias Prego, in Praia das Maçãs, in Sintra. The owner of "Mr. Prego "began its" eating and drinking "business in a rudimentary space, in which served slices of veal, fried or roasted, packaged in a tasty bread, coming from ovens in the vicinity. It was the landscape of this establishment that served as a backdrop to José Malhoa's painting "Praia das Maçãs", whose reinterpretation, made 100 years later by the artist Regg Salgado, can be admired on the walls of the Sai Prego.


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