This Sardine Is Not Holy, It Is Extraordinary

Oficina do Duque
Par Inês ALMEIDA Il y a 6 ans
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Chef Rui Rebelo presents a new version of the most popular snack in Lisbon


Santos Populares (The Popular Saints) are at the door and also come to Oficina do Duque. In the heart of Calçada do Duque, chef Rui Rebelo's restaurant marks the most typical festivities in Lisbon and makes sardines an extraordinary dish.


The most banal of saints - the sardine - becomes something unique by the hands of chef Rui Rebelo, with a cone of bamboo charcoal, sardines, seaweed, coriander and ginger. The sardine joins to more noble ingredients, creating the perfect combination to enjoy during the celebrations of Lisbon.


"I try to turn my ordinary dishes into the extraordinary with my dishes, and the sardines couldn't be an exception. By bringing together elements of the sea and land, we created an 'Extraordinary Sardine' to celebrate the Saints with the city, "explains the chef.


The 'Sardinha Extraordinária' (Extraordinary Sardine) will be available on the menu from June 13th until the end of the month, with a price of € 6.5 for three cones.


In addition to this dish, there are more tidbits to try out at Oficina do Duque, of which stand out the assortment of cuttlefish and beef burgers on homemade bread or the octopus cooked with crushed potato to batter. To keep up with, the Absolut Basil, basil ice cream cocktail, is the ideal choice for the hottest days and nights that promise to arrive.


Chef Rui Rebelo's restaurant recently opened its instinct cuisine for lunch with a new summer time and an esplanade in the middle of Calçada do Duque, one of the most typical areas of Lisbon.


The Oficina do Duque is on the Calçada do Duque 43A and the average price of the meal is 25 euros per person.


About Oficina do Duque


Recently renovated, Oficina do Duque, on the emblematic Calçada do Duque, is the place where the ordinary is extraordinary.
It is in this dichotomy that chef Rui Rebelo practices and reflects his way of living, through a kitchen of instinct, where he exercises freedom in the way he works the ingredients.
A bitoque whose sauce takes 16 hours to prepare, ox tail, giblets, couscous with mint ice cream and burgers prepared in a homemade way with bread made in the house are dishes in which everything coexists with unpretentious harmony.


About the chef

He started working at age 17 and since then has more than 20 years of experience in catering. Before arriving at the Workshop, he traveled to various parts of the globe, studied in Brazil and Barcelona and worked in restaurants with Michelin stars, such as Alkymia and Abac, and with renowned chefs such as Ferran Adrià and Ramon Morató. Chef Rui Rebelo lives "to take the banality of simplicity" and seeks to reflect his personality and way of living in his kitchen of instinct.



Source: Oficina do Duque