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Par Joana CIDADES Il y a 7 ans
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Discover the secrets of Algarve with Forbes magazine


Forbes magazine highlights the qualities of the Algarve beyond its incredible coast in the article "Algarve beyond the beach: 9 reasons to love Southern Portugal". It begins by naming this region the "Florida of Europe" due to "warmer weather and milder winters, an embarrassing number of golf courses, private condos facing the beach and all-inclusive resorts."”.


Ann Abel, the journalist who wrote article for Forbes, says that when she visited Algarve a few years ago "the delicious oranges - almost the size of my head dripping with sweet juice" were not even enough to sell her the region. However, her most recent visit made her change her mind. "Outside of certain areas, those beaches are really beautiful. The ocean is warm enough to swim". She also adds the restaurants are much better, as well as the refinement of the hotels and the cultural offer.


"Just the pure pleasure of eating Algarve's seafood already worth a visit", says Forbes. Ann Abel considers that "now that the world has discovered Portugal, Algarve is an ideal extension after visiting the city's museums and neighborhoods, along with castles and wine-tasting". It is only three hours away by train from Lisbon or two from Seville and "is the place where you can get a relaxed vacation to recover from your cultural vacations", she adds.



9 reasons to visit the Algarve pointed by Forbes:


Vila Monte Farm House


A charming hotel whose name is due to its extensive land dotted with flower and vegetable gardens. It is only five minutes from Olhão, but it seems to be even further away from the town’s movement, thanks to the calm it conveys. After a renovation, its 55 rooms decorated in boho-chic style are prepared to welcome bathers looking for beaches or other activities that the area has to offer.





This is a truly picturesque fishing village, with streets lined with cobblestone, a beautiful riverside harbor, buildings covered with colored tiles, old churches and seafood restaurants.



Três Palmeiras


This is a truly picturesque fishing village, with streets lined with cobblestone, a beautiful riverside harbor, buildings covered with colored tiles, old churches and seafood restaurants.



Olive oil tasting in Monterosa


Olive oil is one of the pillars of Portuguese cuisine. One of the best producers is Monterosa, a premium brand whose annual output is not enough to fill a truck, but it's good enough to win prizes from the competition like the New York Olive Oil. It is open for guided visits to the fields and facilities, olive oil tasting and picnics.



Hiking with goats


Algarve also has small producers of other delicacies, including cheeses made from goat's milk and cured black pork meat. Through certain contacts, you can find a way to walk with a local goat breeder and see how he drives several dozen goats along the rugged land.



Barro de Porches


For nearly 50 years, this shop designed by an Irish and Portuguese artist aims to demonstrate that traditional art is not destined to be forgotten. The distinctive and beautiful pottery gracefully represents the past, carrying a contemporary sensibility that transcends time and place.



Anantara Vilamoura Algarve Resort


The debut of the Asian luxury brand in Europe, open in April, exceeded all expectations. After a crucial renovation, what used to be the somewhat disturbed Tivoli Victoria emerged as a five star hotel retaining its own identity on a world stage. The public spaces were redesigned, partnerships were established with the best local artists and food suppliers, and the commitment to authenticity has grown.



Quinta do Convento do Paraíso


The wines of Algarve are not as famous as Douro or Alentejo wines - too much sun, too much sugar, but a growing number of winemakers want to challenge this pattern. One of them is Quinta do Convento do Paraíso, a family winery that produces sophisticated bottles and where you can enjoy a tasting experience.



The beaches


To the east of Vilamoura marina lays the Almargem Beach, extended for about 10 kilometers of protected land. In the eastern part of Algarve at Praia Verde Boutique Hotel, sister of Vila Monte, there is a homonymous beach that extends endlessly. Off-season is not too hot and you will not find anyone there.