The garden of the Queluz Palace reopens on June 5th after its restoration

Queluz Palace gardens
Par Joana CIDADES Il y a 7 ans
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The Queluz Palace gardens once again have the image they had in the 17th century


The Botanical Garden of the Queluz Palace in Sintra will be reopened tomorrow, June 5th, after a rehabilitation work of 815 thousand euros. From this date, it will be able to see the results of the restoration works of the Queluz Palace and its gardens, especially the Botanical Garden, which now has an image close to that of the 17th century.


The work to recover this area was mainly focused on replacing four greenhouses, according to the interpretation of the historical drawings, the results of archaeological surveys carried out in the area and the current regulations. The intervention also restored elements as the balustrades delimiting the garden and details like benches, tile panels, central lake stoneworks and the statuary.


The Botanical Garden was built between 1769 and 1780, in the Baroque and Rococo period. Over the years it has suffered several burnouts and was abandoned; in 1940 it became a rose garden. Due to the floods that occurred in 1983 it was destroyed again, being later transformed into the stables of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art.


The historical investigation that led to the reconstitution of the Botanical Garden of Queluz Palace as it was originally started in 2012. Part of the structures of the old garden were found, such as the foundations of greenhouses, central lake and statuary, which over the years had been abandoned or integrated in the Gardens of Queluz.


More practical functions, such as water supply, drainage, energy and communications, have been developed to meet the functional needs of greenhouses and gardens. Roads in granite gravel were also to limit 24 flower beds and on the edge of each one ten thousand myrtles were planted. Pineapples were also planted in the greenhouse to remember the times in which magnificent banquets were held in the Queluz Palace.



Source: Diário de Notícias