Try the best steak from Lisbon at Café de São Bento

Café de São Bento
Par Inês ALMEIDA Il y a 8 ans
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The “Café de São Bento steak” is from the loin and is of high quality


The Café de São Bento is located, as the name implies, in Rua de São Bento, next to the Assembleia da República, in Lapa district, Lisbon. This restaurant is a true Lisbon institution for those who appreciate steaks. It opened in 1982 with the aim of recreating the atmosphere of the old cafés of Lisbon and serving the famous "steak à marrare". This is a typical recipe of the city, dating back to the late 18th century.


The recipe for "steak à marrare" was just the starting point for Café de São Bento, which added its unique touch. In this restaurant, fresh steak from the loin is served instead of the meat from the topside served in the original recipe. The sauce has also undergone changes, and the recipe remains a secret. This steak became known as "bife à Café de São Bento".


The "Lisbon's best steak" has some tricks in its confection. The steak is from the loin, about 190 grams, and is of high quality and clean of fats. Start by frying the steak in butter, then reserve, and make the sauce in a new frying pan. In this put butter, cream and add flower of salt and black pepper to taste. Serve with stick potatoes and an egg on top.




Are you feeling hungry? No wonder, it is considered the best steak of Lisbon, since it was only 5 years of existence, by the Capital and Vox Populi. Currently, this steak continues to garner praise from the national and international press, having been considered by Time Out Lisboa as the best steak in the city from 2007 onwards


This sophisticated restaurant, which excels by good service, does not only have steaks to offer. This is the ex-libris of the house, of course there is no doubt, but whoever is not fond of meat does not go out of there badly served. To start the meal, you can opt for ajillo prawns (fried in garlic), Serra da Estrela cheese with jelly, or smoked salmon carpaccio.


Instead of the steak Café de São Bento, you can also choose the Portuguese steak, fried in olive oil, garlic and laurel, and served with french fries. There is also the traditional grilled steak, which can be served with the potato of your choice. To close the meal, there are several sugary proposals, such as crème brûlée or carré 2 chocolates.


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