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Lisbon restaurants to enjoy Peruvian gastronomy

 Lisbon restaurants to enjoy Peruvian gastronomy
Par Joana P. Il y a 8 ans
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Lisbon Restaurants

You are most probaly already familiar with ceviche, which increases in popularity all over the world.


Peruvian delicacies are gathering more and more enthusiasts on the Portuguese lands. In Lisbon, there are already several places, where you can enjoy ceviches and dishes with various ingredients, like lime or quinoa.


El Cartel

The El Cartel restaurant is located in Martim Moniz and serves South American food, including Peruvian dishes. Prices are pocket friendly. You can choose the octopus and fish ceviches (€ 5.5) or the empanadas stuffed with chicken or vegetables (€ 2.5/ a unit). To accompany the meal you can opt for the typical Peruvian cocktail, Pisco Sour (€ 7.5).


Segundo Muelle

This is the latest Peruvian restaurant in Lisbon. The Segundo Muelle is located at Cais do Sodré, near Ribeira Market, and opened its doors in early August. The menu is divided into the section with various inspired cuisines: Mediterranean, Oriental and Creole. The featured dishes include: salmon tradito (€13,5), fried ceviche with breaded fish (€13,5), salmon tartar (€12) and quinoa risotto (€17).


El Clandestino

This space features tacos and ceviches, with the eye-catching colorful decoration at the entrance of El Clandestino. There are six ceviches to from: salmon (€9), tuna (€9,5), scallops (€13,5) and thee sorts of white fish. The restaurant also has an extensive cocktail list.


A Cevicheria

Kiko Martins is the owner of A Cevicheria, one of the busiest restaurants in the capital. This space offers several typical dishes from Peru. The menu has four ceviche options, the classic with white fish of the season (€12,6), Portuguese with cod fish, octopus and chestnuts (€12,8), tuna  (€11,9) and salmon (€11,6). You can also try the mixed ceviche, based on potato (€12,7) and sea quinotto (€14,8).


The Qosqo restaurant opened four years ago and was the first space specialized in Peruvian gastronomy to emerge in the capital. In Qosqo ceviche is served only with the use of seabass. You can choose the classic (€ 15), the mixed (€ 17) or the fried (€ 15.5). There is also a classic dish (€ 8.5) and garlic or tuna tiraditos.



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