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  • Tourists are the best business card of the Algarve

Tourists are the best business card of the Algarve

Tourists are the best business card of the Algarve
Par Joana P. Il y a 8 ans

Most who visit the Algarve promise to return


Tourists enjoy the Algarve so much, that they can even be considered ambassadors of the region. In fact, the majority of those who pass through Algarve lands intend to return "as soon as possible", according to the study "The profile of the tourist who visits the Algarve", commissioned by Turismo do Algarve and conducted by the University of Algarve.



"The Algarve tells me a lot", "The Algarve is special to me" and "I strongly identify myself with the Algarve" are the three expressions that best portray the affinity of the tourists with the region. 95% of the 2,400 respondents (domestic, foreign, residential and traditional tourists) recommend destination within their closest circles. "Holidays only in the Algarve" is a motto, that applies to residential tourists, with the overwhelming majority (95%) visiting the destination between once (47%) and twice a year (10%). There are many (83%) tourists who intend to continue the visits.



Traditional tourists are staying mostly in hotels (50%) or resorts (37%), for a period of 9 days on average, arriving in general by plane (58%) or own vehicle (36%) with a reservation made online (71%). These are also staying regularly in the region (85%) and 29% visit it once a year. From the total, 69% intend to return, with 59% sharing their vacations on digital platforms.



This study aims to understand the essence of tourism in the region, the tourist zone for excellence of the country, which highlights the capacity of tourist retention in the region, which should remain high in the future, and totaling a flow of 17 million overnight stays in the last year and 119,000 beds in traditional accommodation. Among those who visit the Algarve, 55% of tourists live in Portugal, 16% come from the United Kingdom and 6% from Spain. In 2015, the Algarve accounted for 34% of overnight stays in Portugal, according to the site ranking.



Source: Jornal Económico