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  • Nicolau Lisboa is the capital's new healthy cafeteria

Nicolau Lisboa is the capital's new healthy cafeteria

Nicolau Lisboa is the capital's new healthy cafeteria
Par Joana P. Il y a 8 ans
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Now you have a place in Lisbon where you can order brunch every day


The Nicolau Lisboa opened in August 2016 and is the new fashionable cafeteria in the capital. It belongs to Home Lisbon Hostel, which is located in downtown Lisbon, but is also open to customers who are not visitors at the hostel. It opened up to fill the lack of healthy coffee shops in the Baixa Pombalina area.

Cafetaria saudável Nicolau Lisboa

The decoration of the space will conquer you immediately. The wooden ceilings, the wall of the balcony is covered in green water tiles and the tables are marble. In addition, this cafeteria has interesting details, the bookshelf and the Smeg toaster in the center of a table, as well as the vinyl record player, which gives Nicolau ambiance with the background music on.


The menu is the same throughout the day, here you find the options for breakfast and snack until the closing time of the cafeteria. On the list you will find the açaí bowl with homemade granola and fruit (€ 5.5), scrambled eggs with smoked salmon (€ 5), Greek yogurt with fruit and granola (€ 4.5), porridge with honey and red fruit (5 €) and for lunch, you can opt for tuna salad and lentils (8.5 €) or char siu pork and quinoa with orange, or spinach and cashews (8.5 €).

Cafetaria saudável Nicolau Lisboa

At Nicolau Lisboa you can also order brunch, which is available every day. It costs € 12 and includes pancakes, yogurt cup, orange juice, bread basket, butter, jam, cheese, ham, a slice of cake, tea or coffee. In addition to the healthier options, in Nicolau Lisboa you can also find fatter alternatives, such as pavlovas and pancakes.


Address: Rua São Nicolau 17, 1100-026 Lisboa

Phone: (+ 351) 21 886 0312

Open hours: 09h00-19h00 (Closed on Sundays)