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  • Health benefit system in Portugal: learn the rules

Health benefit system in Portugal: learn the rules

Health benefit system in Portugal: learn the rules
Par Joana P. Il y a 9 ans
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The Portuguese health system is very well positioned in the ranking established by the WHO (World Health Organization). Occupying the 12th place, it has a health care system similar to the French, which is divided between the public and private sectors. If the public benefits from an excellent service, you need to know to be patient because the waiting times can be relatively long, depending on the urgency of your condition. This is one of the main reasons for people who can afford it, some opt for private consultations.
Anyway, before you can benefit from the health system in Portugal, it is necessary to perform some administrative tasks. In this article you will know which. You will also find out how your health care can be supported in your host country, but also in France (where the health system is in 1st place in the WHO classification).


Taking some simple steps

Before leaving the French territory to get to your new place of residence in Portugal, you must  firstly go to your health insurance company in France. By expressing your desire to be placed under the health system in Portugal. As part of your settlement in Portugal it has to be carried in the Citizen's Shop or Social Security, you must make an application to be given the user card of the National Health System. After these steps, you will-become the owner of the health card, that gives you the right to be supported by the health system in Portugal. You can find this information at, the reference site of the National Insurance of French Health.


Support in providing care

When you sign up for the Portuguese health system it is automatically connected to the health center closest to your place of residence. Also, replaced by the possibility of going to medical appointments in the public system.
Regarding the costs of your potential care needs, these are supported by social security. It is only responsible for paying the user fees, which typically correspond to very low values. As a routine visit, for example, you pay about three euros.

If desired, and if your earnings allow, you can also call a doctor from the private sector. In this case, the entire payment is paid by you. You may, however, anticipate these costs, obtaining a supplementary health insurance. This will reduce your health care costs in the private sector.
If you do not have special needs requiring regular medical care or immediate intervention, you can receive treatment in France while living abroad, because you are still entitled to make use of the French health system.