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Take a trip in the time of old pubs in Lisbon

Take a trip in the time of old pubs in Lisbon
Par Joana P. Il y a 8 ans
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To do in Lisbon

Lisbon is a city with many attributes, but if there is a feature that almost no one is indifferent to - is the bohemian spirit of the city


If you enjoy a drink in good company, especially in a particular place and filled with history, be sure to visit the Lisbon bars that we recommend you.


Pavilhão Chinês

This is one of Lisbon classic bars that can not be overlooked. The Chinese Pavilion is located in the district Principe Real, near the belvedere of São Pedro de Alcântara, and is open since 1986. However, this space already had decades of activity, having succeeded as a grocery store from the beginning of the XX century.

The Chinese Pavilion is divided into five rooms that were decorated by the founder himself, with objects that he collected since his adolescence. These artifacts date back to the XVIII to the XX century. This collection of objects is quite wide and includes helmets of the 1st World War, soldiers sinkers, miniature aircraft, planets falling from the ceiling, cutlery of Bordallo Pinheiro, and antique posters among others.

This bar-museum serves authentic pure teas and sophisticated cocktails, all home made . It also serves various snacks . Regarding the pricing it is a little more bulky than usual in Lisbon, but the uniqueness of the space justifies it, as well as the care of "old fashioned way".


Pensão Amor

A former board of Rosemary Street, the Cais do Sodre, there was the famous bar Pensão Amor (pictured). His name was not chosen randomly, as the Pombaline building it occupies what was once a boarding house with rooms rented by the hour for prostitutes and sailors. The imaginative project to refurbish the space was handled by the same team that rehabilitated the Lx Factory.
The various floors of this old building are distributed ateliers work, a restaurant / night club, a hairdresser, a lingerie store, an erotic bookstore (called Slow Read with Love) and a male room intended for events and shows. In this space recreates the universe of burlesque cabaret with the environment, with a stage available for concerts, theater, poetry recitals and book launches.




Going to Foxtrot brings us back to the early twentieth century and feeling that suddenly we could be having a drink with Hemingway or Fitzgerald. The space is delightfully retro and employees dress strictly. The Art Deco decor of this space, opened in 1978, is of the same creator as of the Chinese Pavilion and Procopio.

This bar, which is divided into several rooms, all very cozy, was inspired by the traditional English pubs. Altogether it occupies four rooms with medium light, which have music playing and a garden for warm summer evenings. During cold weather, you have the option of sitting by the fireplace in one of the rooms.

The FoxTrot is located in Principe Real and is one of the oldest Lisbon bars. Be sure to try one of the cocktails from their extensive list, which is accompanied by various snacks. You can also choose the house specialties such as steak foxtrot, the burgers and the prego no pão, which is served until three in the morning.