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The best places to escape the fuss in Lisbon
Par Joana P. Il y a 8 ans
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Visiting Lisbon

Lisbon has more to offer, than what appears in the guides

You want to know the most peaceful and isolated places in Lisbon? Then choose to deviate from the classic tourist paths and meet the Lisbon alternative that does not come in the guides.


Jardins da Gulbenkian

It is one of the most peaceful places in the Portuguese capital. Right in the center of the city full of hustle and bustle at Avenida de Berna , the Garden of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (pictured) is a true haven of tranquility. The silence and peace that they feel in this space stress up as we approach the lake. There are several routes lead to this, by the way, making the Gulbenkian gardens a wonderful maze of greenery, statues and lakes, which can predict couples strolling, children playing and weekenders enjoying a good book.
Address: Avenida de Berna, 45, Lisbon
Time: 08: 00-18: 00 hours (open all day)
Phone: (+351) 21 782 3000


Pastelaria Aloma

In the friendly Campo de Ourique neighborhood we can find pastry Aloma, who has won the Contest of the best Pastel de Nata three times. This title helped to bring more people to the house. But despite Aloma pastries have been mentioned by the New York Times and CNN, 85% of usual customers remain national. It is ideal to escape to queues to try Pastel de Nata in Belém and still taste this delicacy at its best.
Address: Rua Francisco Metrass, 67, Lisbon
Time: 08: 00-19: 00 hours (open all day)
Phone: (+351) 21 396 3797


Quinta das Conchas e dos Lilases

No one would say that a farm located in the middle of the residential area of Lumiar could have an area of 24 hectares and is the third largest green capital stain. The truth is that taken away from the residents, most places seem to ignore this Lisbon's treasure, which is still sheltered from the crowds. The current Garden of Quinta das Conchas and Lilases born of recovery two fifths of the sixteenth century and offers a children's recreational areas, areas intended for sports and exhibition area, restaurant and cafeteria.
Address: Rua Ladislau Patricio, Lisbon
Time: 06: 00-01: 00 hours (open all day)


Terraço da Pollux

On the top floor of Pollux store, known for its quality household appliances, is a terrace with a magnificent view of the Baixa, framing the Elevator of Santa Justa with the Tagus as the backdrop. Just enter the store, take the elevator to the top floor and let yourself be amazed by the beautiful view of the city of light. And in this case without the usual mess that is found in most Lisbon rooftops in midsummer.
Address: Fanqueiros Street, 276, Lisbon
Time: 10: 00-19: 00 pm (closed on Sundays)
Phone: (+351) 21 881 1200