Discover lisbon on board of tuk-tuk
Par Joana P. Il y a 8 ans
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Visiting Lisbon

The tuk-tuk is the most preferred transportation of tourists in Lisbon

They are little, move skilfully and their colors resemble the Lisbon streets. They are the famous tuk-tuks, a kind of tricycle, which quickly became the most popular way among tourists to get to know the capital of Portugal. Its width allows to flow through the narrowest streets and alleys without difficulty and the fact that allows passengers to discover the city with greater proximity to the sites wherever they go.

The fame of the tuk-tuk did not begin in Lisbon, but in Southeast Asia, specifically in cities like India, where traffic is particularly chaotic. However, recently, several European countries, such as Portugal, have come to adopt this means of transport for tourism purposes.
The noise they make and the burning smell they produce are not enough to dissuade tourists who prefer such a personalized way to discover cities. Stopping in points you want, and asking locals different questions you have the opportunity to discover Lisbon at your own pace without having to travel by foot.

But tourists are not the only ones allow themselves to be fascinated by these cartoonish vehicles that seem emerging from a children's tale. Celebrities like the band The National and Victoria Beckham, as well as politicians such as Antonio Costa and António José Seguro, also left fascinated by these motorized tricycles and have chosen them to ride through Lisbon .
The paths can be chosen according to the "preferences of the customer", ranging from historic districts, through the "mandatory spots" of the city. In August these vehicles are particularly sought after, with the arrival of people from various parts of the world to the city of 'light'. If left also seduced by these colorful vehicles, you know. Ask at your hotel, or even better, go to Terreiro do Paço and enter abord this adventure.

Options to enjoy Lisbon aboard  tuk-tuk: