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Discover a maat - a new museum in Lisbon
Par Joana P. Il y a 8 ans
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Contemporary art featured in MAAT

The MAAT - Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology is the newest museum of the Portuguese capital, thus replacing and extending the former Museum of Electricity or Central Tejo. The inauguration of the new space, which has four new rooms, took place on June 30 and is expected to go to generate around 250,000 visitors annually.


The idea is to combine art with technology and receive exhibitions that currently do not reach the Portuguese capital. Keeping the vocation for science and technology that had its predecessor, this time also has an eye turned to the arts. The goal is to present about 18 annual exhibitions, both in the main building and in the Central Tejo.


The director of MAAT, who for three years was curator in the department of architecture and designer MoMa, Museum of Modern Art in New York, hopes address the short supply of contemporary art in Lisbon. The new museum space has four exhibitions currently taking place.


Until September 11, one is able to see Lightopia exhibition, which combines design and works of artists under the light. Another exhibition -The Second Nature, is available until October 16, 2016, focusing on the nature transformed by the artist's vision. Also the video art, which does not have much expression in Portugal, can be enjoyed until the 16th of October, at the exhibition Artists' Film International 2016.

The famous exhibition World Press Photo, which is displayed for several years at the Electricity Museum, will still remain as a part of MAAT program.