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Practical advice for living in Portugal

We want you to have the best time in Portugal.


So we have prepared a list of practical questions that may arise throughout your stay in the country. Go ahead, can refer to responses on any questions you might have.


What documents do I need to have to enter Portugal?


If not covered by the Schengen agreement, foreign nationals must carry travel document valid for more than the three months up to its expiration to prove the intended purpose of the stay to ensure its entry into Portuguese territory. In addition, you must have sufficient money amount to ensure your whole period of stay.


How much does living in Portugal costs?

Although the cost of living in Portugal has increased considerably in recent decades due to the exponential development of the country, however it is still low compared to other European Union countries. Lisbon is on 47th position in the ranking of the 58 most expensive cities in the world.

Among the most expensive products in Portugal these are: clothing, cars and other consumer goods. However, rents of housing, fresh food, alcohol restaurants and entertainment in general continue to have a lower cost in Portugal than in most European countries.


What can I do to ensure my health care in Portugal?


If you are European, you must obtain European Health Insurance Card (ECSR), which allows any person insured or covered by a social security system of one of the Member States of the EU (or Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) get the necessary medical assistance by the public care providers during your temporary stay _ or in one of those countries.

If you do not belong to any countries mentioned above, you must obtain travel insurance. Portugal is one of the European Community countries which signed the Treaty of Schengen. This makes it mandatory that tourists visiting one of the countries covered by the agreement provide proof of travel assistance in the minimum amount 30,000 euros to ensure medical care for sickness or accident.


When should I visit Portugal?


There is no unadvisable time to visit Portugal. Its winters are mild compared to northern Europe the minimal temperatures of around +8 degrees and maximum of around +15 in December January and February. The average temperatures of this season are between 15 and 20 degrees centigrade and moderate rains.

June, July, August and September are the warmest months , with maximum close to 30 degrees or slightly above. During the summer rain is very rare in Portugal.


What is the time zone in Portugal?


The time zone in continental Portugal is GTM, as in the UK and northwest Africa. In summer the clocks are turned forward +1 hour on the last Sunday of March and turned back again in late last Sunday in October, according to the laws of the European Union.


Which language is spoken in Portugal?


In Poirtugal the spoken native language is Portuguese. This derives from Latin and is the third most spoken language of Europe throughout the world, about 244 million people. However French is the second most spoken language by the Portuguese and English is the third.

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