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Vignoli pizzeria empire arrives in Lisbon
Par Joana P. Il y a 8 ans
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The thin crust Brazilian pizzas can already be enjoyed on the terrace of the Flower Square (Praça das Flores)

If the location and the decor of the room was not enough to stand out in Vignoli the pizzas are so thin that they have to be eaten with gloves. Yes, you read that correctly. The dough is so thin and crispy that for the slight gesture the restaurant has replaced silverware for gloves. For the pizza is thinner, the calory  intake is also lower and the ingredients are carefully selected with no hydrogenated fats.

This pizzerias empire already exists in Brazil for ten years and has now arrived to Portugal, more precisely to the terrace of one of the most beautiful locations in the city -at Praça das Flores.

The restaurant decor with vintage objects to decorate the walls of the cozy room, are the influence of its owner.Claudio Vignoli is collector of antique pieces and even borrowed father watches to decorate his first pizzeria in Portugal. It was also the paternal side whereas he inherited a taste for Italian food, especially the pizzas whose technique was investigated after leaving the area of advertising.

The Vignoli opened in Portugal three months ago and has twelve pizzas for the customers in the menu. The Brazilian menu made some changes to adapt to Portuguese cuisine, including ingredients such as french onion, cod fish, olives and boiled egg.

You can also experience the risotto or pasta and these are already served with silverware. The wine is unquestionably Portuguese, but there are also caipirinhas for everyone. By marrying the flavors of Portugal and Brazil in harmony,  one can only describe it as delicious.


Address: Praça das Flores, número 40, 1200-257 Lisboa

Phone: (+351) 21 395 1731